Monday, 22 December 2014

Christmas Guest Blogger: Katherine @ Socialized Homeschooler

We've come to my final blog visitor of the year, though I have to say, I've enjoyed having Guest Bloggers around so much I'm definitely going to look into doing it again next year. Today's visitor is Katherine from Socialized Homeschooler.

Over to Katherine:

My name is Katherine, I am a teenage writer and wannabe blogger. I do however absolutely suck at keeping my blog updated regularly, but you can check my existing posts at Socialized Homeschooler Yes, I am a homeschooler, and proud of it. I have been homeschooled since kindergarten, I do occasionally sleep in, and I do my work in my pajamas.

I enjoy writing, music, and photography. I have a sweet tooth so chocolate is basically what keeps me motivated when writing.

1. Let's start at the beginning. What's your earliest memory of Christmas?

My earliest memory of Christmas is being four years old and having the time if my life. Everything was so exciting in the days leading up to Christmas, from putting up decorations to going to buy a Christmas tree to my families adorable advent calendar, those were good times.

2. Do you or your family have any Christmas traditions? Are there any that you'd like to start in the future?

Yes! My parents never let me and my two siblings downstairs until everyone is ready, (which can be a pain when my dad wakes up and has to tear up his bedroom to find his glasses) so by the time everyone is ready, we have to pause on the stairs anyway for an annual picture, (featuring my bedhead and pajamas) which I do complain about, but I really appreciate looking back on these pictures and recalling memories from each Christmas.

3. When do the decorations go up in your house? When do you take them down?

Decorations go up in early December, lights, wreathes, advent calendars, the works. The Christmas tree usually comes a week later, because we want it to be fresh for Christmas. We take the decorations down on January 6th, the twelfth day of Christmas. Because we are just so organized like that. (Ha, as if.)

4. You're sitting down to Christmas dinner, what's on your plate?

Usually ham or turkey is the main dish, with sides: various vegetables, this delicious fruit salad thing my Grandmom makes, maybe some cranberries of some kind, it's pretty much the best meal I eat all year, except for possibly Thanksgiving.

5. How about some favourites? What's your all-time favourite Christmas song?

Well, most people know this one, but I love Silent Night, maybe because it was the first Christmas carol I ever heard, maybe because it is so famous and I just hear it a lot...but it is amazing.

6. It's not Christmas until you've watched which film?

"The Muppet Christmas Carol". Look, I love movies, especially Christmas movies, but the Muppets are honestly the best, I've watched this movie every year for ten years so it's basically a tradition. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it. It's the Muppets, so what's not to love?

[Click: Totally agree with you on the Muppets! They take a good story and make it amazing!]

7. Do you have a favourite book to read at Christmastime?

I've read the Best Christmas Pageant Ever every year since I was six. It is a kid's book, but it is very enjoyable, and it's gotten to the point where I can read it under an hour, so even if you absolutely hate it, it won't waste your time.

8. You can spend this Christmas anywhere, anytime, with any person. Describe it.

Call me boring, but I would stay home for Christmas. I know it's not exactly Aruba or anything, but I feel like Christmas is best celebrated in a homey setting. (I mean, if you live in Aruba, you've got it good.) I would celebrate it with all my friends and close family, I can't pick just one, there are so many people I would want close to me.

9. Dear Santa, this Christmas I would like...

-World Peace (come on, it would be selfish not to ask for it.) 
-Jewelry (I am a teenage girl, don't judge me.)
-A cell phone (I don't care what kind, I don't need a smartphone, as long as it can call and text, my life would become quickly more convenient.)
-Perfect teeth (it hasn't been a year yet and I am already anticipating the removal of my braces.)

Merry Christmas!

Thanks for stopping by Katherine, and remember, you can pay her a visit at Socialized Homeschooler.


  1. Great guest blog. Waiting on Christmas morning for everyone to get ready is such a pain. My parents made us wait too but we all had to be dressed and ready for pictures.

    1. I enjoyed this one too, it reminded me of Christmas when I was younger. I remember one year having to wait for nearly an hour for my grandparents to come downstairs so we could do our stockings - my brother and I ended up watching documentaries about mummies!


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