Thursday, 4 December 2014

Wreck This Journal: Glue Random Items Here

I don’t think that I’ve shared this page here before, even if I have I think I’ve added way more things to it since I last photographed it.

The whole point of this page is basically to stick all the stuff to it that you can’t stick on any other page in the book. It’s kind of a catch all for all the things that you might like to put into the book, it does give some suggestions for places where you might find things which I’ve ignored so far.

I started off with the tag from my Russia World Cup top that I bought in the summer for a theme thing we did at work. Since then I’ve added the stickers from the front of my ‘blind date with a book’ books that I bought from our local bookshop (mainly because I wanted to remember what it was that drew me to those books). I’ve also added in a random slip of paper which I cut out and it reminded me of a jockey’s jersey so I stuck that in, along with the tag off my purse and the corner off of a notepad cover (which isn't stuck in yet but which was floating around in the bottom of by bag so I stuffed it in my Wreck This Journal).

This double page is the main reason why this Wreck This Journal doesn’t actually shut properly any more. I’m planning on adding more bulky things to this page in the future and who knows, maybe I will find something down the side of the sofa or out on the street which I can stick in as well.


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    1. It is. Since posting this I've remembered I've got some bits and pieces that I collected during my cousin's wedding that I still have to stick in, so you'll probably see it again soon.


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