Sunday, 21 December 2014

Weekly Rundown: The best laid schemes...

I had big plans for yesterday, particularly in terms of getting caught up on my blogging, which went entirely out of the window when I realised that I'd left my laptop behind at my in-laws' house the day before. Not such a big deal as it turns out, since I've got my Kindle and a keyboard for it so I was able to get most of my posts written anyway.

It did stop me from spending the afternoon playing The Sims like I'd originally intended though!

We'd braved a trip to the mainland on Friday, hence my laptop (and me) being at my in-laws' on Friday. We'd stopped there for an early get away, only to discover that gale force winds were forecast. There was a little bit of debate about whether or not we should risk it, before deciding that actually, restocking our cupboards was kind of essential and so we headed off the island.

The crossing wasn't really too bad, just a little rocky in places, though once we got home the winds sounded really bad outside. The worst part of the day actually came when we were on our way out of Ayr and drove into a long traffic jam. A lorry had broken down on a roundabout and it was a stretch of road that once you were on it, there was no way off, so we just had to crawl along for nearly hour, just moving a few metres at a time.

We decided that Saturday was definitely a day for snuggling up in the warm and elected to have a pyjama day watching Christmas films. We've now watched all of the Christmas films in our collection and so have returned to some of our favourites, just in case we weren't feeling suitably festive already.

Perhaps it's the season, or the high proportion of knitwear in the films that we've been watching, but I decided to return to the sorry looking sock I've had sitting on my needles since August. Turns out that it didn't need much work on it to get it finished, which I did sitting in bed watching Disney's A Christmas Carol on Saturday morning.

This sock pattern used a different technique to make the toe; the same short row/stitch wrapping that was used on the heel. For a horrible moment I thought I was going to have to undo all my hard work, but the instructions were perfectly right and the toe ended up sort of flapping over and getting sewn to the top end of the foot. It looks exactly right and I suspect that Mr Click is hoping that it will have his name on it as soon as I finish its partner.

Clown Barf Sock the First
Never mind Second Sock Syndrome, this sock had a bad case of First Sock Syndrome. I was all set to go back to knitting cuddly toys when I finished it yesterday morning, but realised that if I did there would be a very strong chance that this would remain forever a solo-sock. So I've got the next one on my needles. I'd always intended these to be an odd pair of odd socks (hence my choice of yarn) so for the second sock I'm foregoing the rib pattern and they'll be plain stockinette all the way down to the toes. Might be a bit boring to knit, but it should be suitably mindless to keep me occupied through all the Christmas TV this week.

I'm spending the rest of the week gearing myself up for Christmas, although there's very little left to do as I'm remarkably organised this year. I'm really looking forward to the big day (and I'm getting two of them this year so I've got twice as much to look forward to this year).

Hope you're all ready for Christmas too. ^_^

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