Sunday, 7 December 2014

Weekly Rundown: Edinburgh Christmas Market

I missed doing a proper post last week because I went off on a trip to Edinburgh organised by a group at work. We went last year and had a lovely time and after our time in Edinburgh the previous month we were really looking forward to getting back there.

Last year when we went we were a bit nervous about going too far off the main street where we were dropped in case we couldn’t find our way back to where the bus was going to pick us up. Having wandered all over the place when we went up for my graduation, I felt a lot more confident about finding my way around.

It wasn’t a terribly smooth journey. For one thing, one of the ferries had broken down a couple of days before and so we had to arrange to leave earlier than we had last year because we didn’t want to risk missing the last boat back. We were off to a slow start because the driver decided to take some weird route to stop at his depot along the way but we made it there by about 11am.

The original plan for Mr Click and me had been to return to Wagamamma. I was particularly keen to sample some more Bubble Tea but knowing that it was going to be a shorter trip than anticipated, we changed our plans somewhat. First stop was still lunch, but in the little shopping precinct beside the Christmas Market. And that was our second stop.

I think it was better this year than last year. I mean, I enjoyed it last year, but this year it seemed to be more spread out and there was better spacing between the stalls. Last year I felt like I was in a massive crush of people, which was probably not helped by the fact we were there a little bit later in the day.

There were some fantastic stalls there. I was looking out for a new decoration for the house, but didn’t really see anything that grabbed me. Last year I got my little wooden tree with the mini ornaments and I was sort of wanting one of those wooden things with the candle that makes the top spin. None of them really appealed to me, but I did find something awesome for my step-dad so not a complete bust.

I also realised that I probably could’ve gotten Mr Click’s anniversary ornament from the Christmas Market. This year’s anniversary is wood and there were loads of fantastic wooden tree decorations! I think I showed fantastic restraint in not going completely crazy at the market. Instead I just left with one purchase (the aforementioned Christmas present).

I didn’t get anything for myself apart from a pair of tights to wear with a jumper dress I bought a couple of months back, but I did find my Secret Santa gift for work and some last bits and pieces for Mr Click. I was very tempted to go a little bit crazy in Waterstones, they had a whole section that might as well have been labelled ‘Stuff Cait Wants’. I fell in love with a five-year diary with different prompts on each page (so you can see how your answers change over half a decade). I suspect I may treat myself to it after Christmas so I can start it on January 1st…

We’d originally planned to put up our decorations the day before we went, but we ran out of time to do it and I’m kind of glad we did because the atmosphere in Edinburgh was perfect for getting me into the festive spirit. It doesn’t take much to get me into the festive spirit, admittedly, but it certainly helped so Monday saw us hurriedly getting everything organised, pinning up paper chains and setting up the tree.

My Mum sent me a couple more paper chain making kits (and a Christmas doodle pad for finishing NaNoWriMo – final word count 100,606 words) so I’ve started doing those as well. We’ve been watching more Christmas films, just yesterday we covered The Snowman, a version of A Christmas Carol starring Patrick Stewart, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and the 1994 version of Miracle on 34th Street. I’ve also read A Christmas Carol and Letters From Father Christmas so my Christmas traditions are well and truly taken care of.

In the coming weeks I’ve got trips off the island to look forward to as well as other festive treats like a night out and a concert.

‘Tis the season.

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