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Film Review: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Part 5

And so we've come to the very last part of the sixth Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

The last part saw Ron getting drugged, Harry almost killed Draco and then we headed back into the past with the real version of Slughorn's memory of Voldemort asking about horcruxes.

This time around it all gets a lot darker as Dumbledore and Harry set out to destroy one of the horcruxes only to return to discover that Draco has invited some friends round for a party, things get a bit out of hand and Dumbledore winds up getting Avada Kedavra'd.

114. Harry walks in on a serious conversation between Snape and Dumbledore now, I’m guessing this is taking place some time after the memory bit we just watched. This is a nice bit with Dumbledore getting all fatherly with Harry, telling him he needs a shave. It’s sad because Dumbledore is realising that Harry is growing up, and we all know what that means for Harry.

115. Horcrux hunting is serious business! It’s all dangerous and scary and stuff. Also Dumbledore is able to bend the rules of Hogwarts, apparently he’s the only one able to apparate inside Hogwarts.

116. Why do they apparate to that rock about a mile away from the cave opening? Sure it looks all dramatic with the waves and things, but it’s not really very practical for entering the cave, is it?

117. The problem with the cave stuff is that it’s very dark so I’m basically watching my living room for several minutes while I wait for them to light their wands so I can see what’s going on.

118. This cave looks an awful lot like Gollum’s cave in The Hobbit. I’ve never really thought about it before but when I read I apparently have a stock ‘underground lake with island in centre’ image that I conjure up because in both books I’m basically picturing the same thing.

119. I’m watching this on Halloween while I try and stay awake for NaNo to start and I’ve just realised this might be a bad idea. Inferi are basically zombies aren’t they, and zombies are pretty scary. And my dog has decided that she wants to go to bed so I have no one to protect me if any of this turns out to be real. Eek!

120. On the island we’ve got a bit more light and Dumbledore is pretty much ensuring that if Harry survives Voldemort he’s going to spend the rest of his adult life in counselling. Dumbledore must be force fed the liquid in the basin on the island. Poor Harry. Well, poor Dumbledore too.

121. We keep cutting between Harry feeding Dumbledore and refilling the shell cup while the music gets all sad and ramps up the string section. Then the light goes out. It’s like Dumbledore is fading.

122. And ooh look, there’s a locket at the bottom of the basin.

123. I always like the way that the shell doesn’t pick up the water in the basin when Harry tries to get Dumbledore a drink, but I can’t help but wonder why he can’t just conjure the water directly into Dumbledore’s mouth or something. I know it wouldn’t work but he should try.

124. Oh great. Here’s the dead bodies. And they’re coming to get them.

125. They kind of look like Gollums really.

126. Luckily for Harry, after the zombies get him, Dumbledore revives and creates a fantastic fire thing to drive them all away.

127. Then we get to see what Draco has been up to all through this book. There’s ominous thunder so we know nothing good is about to happen.

128. And look, it’s that cupboard in the Room of Requirement and now Bellatrix is in Hogwarts. Definitely not going to end well.

129. Harry and Dumbledore are barely back at Hogwarts before Draco’s threatening Dumbledore and Harry’s having to hide. Dumbledore seems to have rallied a bit but there’s really only one way this is going to end, isn’t there.

130. And Dumbledore gets disarmed but Draco still hasn’t actually killed him. He’s a wee bit reluctant I think.

131. Harry’s still sneaking around underneath them. I think I preferred it when Dumbledore immobilised him in the book, though I do like the addition of Snape finding Harry and not doing anything. It makes him a little bit more of a good guy. Gah, I don’t know who I feel sorry for more when Dumbledore is Avada Kedavra’d; Harry, Snape or Dumbledore.

132. Typical Bellatrix, little bit of wanton destruction on the way out of the building.

133. And I can’t see anything again because it’s all in the dark again. Ooh wait, Bellatrix has set Hagrid’s house on fire, I can see again.

134. I do like this stuff between Harry and Snape here, maybe more than the book. Surprise surprise, Snape’s the Half-Blood Prince. And we get absolutely no more explanation of this here. I wonder if his adoption of that moniker makes sense to anyone who hasn’t read the book.

135. The bit with everyone saluting Dumbledore with their raised wands always gives me a little lump in my throat. I like how the adults start it and then the students join in, like it’s a sign of respect for a fallen friend and mentor which none of the students have ever needed to do before. Then the light kind of helps clear the clouds.

136. And then the completely black screen and total silence. I remember the cinema having that kind of awkward feeling for a second where everyone’s like ‘is that it?’

137. Aww, McGonagall telling Harry he can talk to her. I want to hug her.

138. And all that work to get the locket. It’s not even real! There’s just a little note which is kind of mocking Voldemort and telling him R.A.B. has stolen it. Dumbledore died for nothing. I’ll admit, this bit still kind of makes me angry.

139. I love how Hermione casually lets Harry know Ron doesn’t mind him snogging Ginny, then tells him off for trying to be all noble and go Horcrux hunting alone. They’re all in this together.

140. There goes Fawkes. I would love a phoenix. Totally not the point of this scene. I wish we could’ve seen Dumbledore’s funeral, even just a bit of it before the end.

141. And thus ends the sixth film.

142. The end credits aren’t quite as good as Prisoner of Azkaban, let’s face it, nothing’s going to beat them, but they try hard. They’ve got the sort of ink in water thing going on that the memories have with names forming out of the swirls and then disappearing back into them again. B+ for effort there.

I'll be taking a break from these posts over Christmas (tonight I've got a night out, next week I've got a birthday and two trips off the island, plus one hundred and one other things I've got to do), but we'll start them back up after Christmas with the last two films in the series.

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