Sunday, 28 December 2014

Weekly Rundown: Giving & Receiving

I hope everyone's had a good Christmas. I've had a brilliant one myself, with the exception of a period when I had to play nurse to my father-in-law's toe after he dropped a bread board on it. I'm hoping we won't be adding traditional trip to Casualty to our future.

One of my favourite things about the run up to Christmas is selecting gifts for my friends and family and then seeing what they think when they unwrap them.

One of the big successes of the day was Tara's gifts; a brand new collar, some treats and a selection of squeaky toys. The ball on a rope lasted ten minutes, the squeaky candy cane another ten after that, the squeaky reindeer was confiscated after his antler started to come off (and also for having the most annoying squeak in the world) but so far the fluffy present/bone thing is holding up pretty well.

I had great fun choosing gifts for Mr Click and I think it shows how well I know my husband considering how pleased he was with everything. The big slipper socks couldn't have come at a better time seeing as the ones I got him last year have fallen apart in the last ten days. I also found him an insulated mug with campervans on it, another big hit.

He already knew that he was getting the box set of The A Team but he wasn't expecting Elementary. Given his love of all things Sherlock I thought it would be a safe bet. There was this wonderful moment where he didn't know what it was that he'd just unwrapped and then realisation dawned and gave me this great big smile.

Oh, and I finished knitting the second of a pair of socks (the pair I actually started when I was going down south for my cousin's wedding) for Mr Click. He declared them perfect, though found they are a little too warm to wear over another pair of socks, even if it is cold and frosty out!

I had plans to take a nice photo of some of the presents I received, but then got distracted updating my list of books from the last couple of years on Goodreads (and eating lots of yummy foods and sweets) and so taking a photo went out the window. Until I sat down to write this post this morning when I realised that I was going to have to take a quick snap for this post. Oops!

That's a photo of some of my favourites this year. The book is The You & Me Book which I saw on Amazon earlier in the year. It's a journal you fill in with your other half to record all the things you love about each other, favourite things, quirks, things you want to remember and a host of other things.

Since I got my Wreck This Journal and Finish This Book I've fallen in love with these 'interactive books' and I've even cracked out my handwritten journal again. I've got a massive wishlist on Amazon of all these books that I plan to slowly collect.

I've also got some very nice fluffy socks (always a hit). It's been a good year for socks as that was part of my work Secret Santa gift. Mr Click also filled my stocking with Mel Brooks films. I've been wanting to get Robin Hood Men In Tights, Dracula Dead and Loving It and Space Balls for ages, but he's included a whole bunch I haven't heard of or seen before so I'm thinking that's going to occupy our Saturday afternoons for the coming months.

The Desolation of Smaug was sort of expected. I had been slightly worried that I wouldn't get it when there weren't any Smaug-shaped parcels under the tree. Luckily my in-laws had taken care of that. And then there was Bones. I've been begging for Bones for about three years and I wasn't really expecting it this year. Mr Click had wrapped it up in such a way that it didn't look like a box at all. I thought it was going to be clothes or something! He said he loved how my face lit up when I realised what I was unwrapping.

And the highlight of Christmas Day was probably calling my Aunt's house where half my family were gathered and I got to speak to family members who I've not spoken to in nearly twenty years. I'll be doing Christmas all over again in a couple of weeks in Wales and I'm really looking forward to round two!

Hope you've enjoyed the holiday and had fun giving and receiving gifts.

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