Monday, 15 December 2014

Christmas Guest Blogger: Mr Click (my husband)

I'm welcoming my third guest blogger here today, this time it's Mr Click, also known as John, also known as my other half.

He doesn't have a blog, but you can follow him on Twitter under @Hobgobblin_Bute. He is a keen Radio Ham as well as playing pretty much any brass instrument you hand to him, the main ones being trumpet, cornet and flugelhorn. He'll also tell you that thanks to me he's now a fan of reading detective and mystery stories, especially Sherlock Holmes, I suspect that it was easier to start reading books than put up with my nagging about it.

1. Let's start at the beginning. What's your earliest memory of Christmas?

As a young child we always had Grandma stay with us even though her house was only three streets away. And receiving a ginormous brown teddy as big as me which was a gift from my big sister when I was very small.

[Click: Your mum says you must've been about two that year, and you weren't actually too fond of it to start with.]

2. Do you or your family have any special Christmas traditions? Are there any that you'd like to start in the future?

When I was younger the decorations wouldn't go up until after my birthday in the middle of the month. Now I'm married and we have our own place we put them up on the 1st of December. Much better. We also watch loads of Christmas films which I love.

3. When do the decorations go up in your house? And when do you take them down?

1st December up and the twelfth night down.

The tree this year.

4. You're sitting down to Christmas dinner, what's on your plate?

It'll be a bird of some sort. This year we're having a turkey crown but Mum and Dad have had all different things over the years: goose, cockerel, a big thing stuffed with lots of other birds.....

5. How about some favourites? What's your all-time favourite Christmas song?

It Doesn't Often Snow at Christmas by the Pet Shop Boys featuring Chris Storr on trumpet: I was at college with Chris back in the 80's and was in a jazz orchestra with him and we did (bizarrely) law together. Great trumpet solo Chris!

6. It's not Christmas until you've watched which film?

There are so many! We have 33 plus another 9 not quite Christmas films. I'd have to go with one of my favourites, How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Bet Cait chooses White Christmas!

[Click: You'll have to check back on Christmas Day to see if you're right!]

7. Do you have a favourite book to read at Christmastime?

No, not yet anyway.

8. You can spend Christmas anywhere, anytime, with any person. Describe it?

With Cait, Mum & Dad. All warm and eating till we are absolutely stuffed. Our stockings and then our main presents in the morning. Taking Tara her walks. Watching tv. Really enjoying it all.

9. Dear Santa, this Christmas I would like...

Snow on Christmas Day itself - but not afterwards, just for that one day so there's not too much disruption. I'd like a White Christmas like the year we got married.

Thanks for visiting John. I might let him stop by again in the future. Also, Happy Birthday for tomorrow! xxx


  1. Aw happy birthday for tomorrow Mr Click! Nice tree :D And I'd never heard that pet Shop Boys track before, so thanks for that too

    1. Thank you for the birthday wishes, I'll pass them along. He's getting a trip to the cinema to see The Hobbit (which is kind of a present for me too).

      He says the song is definitely one you should add to your collection. ;-)


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