Monday, 29 December 2014

Review of 2014

I realise that we're not quite at the end of the year yet, but we've got just over two days to go and I'm not expecting anything monumental to happen (famous last words) so now seems like as good a time as any to post this.

I've managed to blog virtually every day this year, with just a few exceptions, and have even worked up to posting twice a day some days. So I figured that for my review of the year I would share my favourite post or the ones that summed things up best for each month of 2014.

January: Random Acts of Kindness
In January I got involved with the Random Acts of Kindness group on Ravelry and began making an effort to perform more Random Acts of Kindness myself. Within hours of joining the group and getting involved someone gifted me a knitting pattern I'd been lusting after for ages, The Beekeeper's Quilt. It's on hold at the moment, but I'm planning on starting back up on it in the New Year, perhaps to get it finished by the end of the year!

I've not been involved in the Random Acts of Kindness group on Ravelry in the last few months, but it's made me think about things in 'Real Life' and so I'm still trying to be randomly kind when I'm able to in my day to day life.

February: How To Write An Essay
This year has seen me complete my final course for my OU degree so I had plenty of time to reflect on all the essays I've had to write during the last five years. One day in February I was feeling particularly reflective and so put down some notes on just how I go about writing an essay. It was one of those blog posts that began as something else entirely but that I'd been kind of wanting to write for a while and I notice that it gets a little bit of traffic even eleven months on, so hopefully some people are finding my little hints and tips helpful.

March: All For Charity...
In March I got the opportunity to go down to Manchester to take calls for Sport Relief. It was an event that had been on the cards for me the previous year and I'd been unable to go so I was thrilled when I got the chance to go this year. It was a crazy couple of days, involving a 5am start, about four trains (each way) plus the obligatory ferry crossings, taking calls until after midnight and staying in a very nice hotel.

But the experience was fantastic and I loved every minute of my time taking the calls. If I got the chance to do it again at some point I would definitely jump at the chance.

April: My Birthday & A Trip to Oban
So I couldn't pick just one post to share for April. It was a busy month on my blog what with the A to Z Challenge but it was also my birthday and so that gave me plenty to blog about. And I had a lovely 28th birthday with lots of nice gifts and a trip to Oban where I picked up a whole bunch of books (many of which are sadly still sitting on the bookcase waiting to be read, I'm getting to them slowly)!

One of my gifts was The Mentalist TV series, which we're just getting read to start watching in the next week or so and another was Ripper Street, which we just finished watching a couple of weeks back. So my books aren't the only things that I've taken a while to get to. I've only just started using the yarn I bought in the wool shop in Oban that weekend as well!

May: Rat Babies
May brought two new additions to the Click Clan; Yoda and Wicket, a pair of six and a half week old rat babies. They took a little while to get properly hand tame, but they've turned into a lovely pair of squishy boys with their own little unique little quirks. I'd missed having rats in the house (isn't that a bizarre sentence for most normal people to type?). I love having long evenings and Saturdays at home when I can bring them down in their little cage and let them pop in and out as they like.

They're actually due another blog post about them some time soon, I'm just holding off until I can get a video of them putting themselves back to bed (Wicket just hops in while Yoda waits for a kiss goodnight). My other option for my May post was the writing (and submission) of my final OU essay for my degree, but I decided that the rats rank higher than that. Plus they're a lot cuter for this month's picture!

June: The Bumbly-Bee
In June I experienced my first ever bumble bee sting. You're probably thinking that I probably had quite an uneventful month if that's the best I can come up with. I should add that I did do plenty of other things, but the bumble bee sting definitely ranks up there as one of the most memorable of the year. Just thinking about it brings back the memory of that sting!

Looking back it's also pretty hilarious now, though it most definitely wasn't at the time! The fact that as I felt my finger exploding with pain I thought that the best course of action was to try and exit the moving car which was travelling at roughly forty miles per hour was, uh, evidence that I wasn't thinking clearly. I suspect Mr Click has since contemplated fitting child locks to the front passenger seat. On the plus side, it did prompt us to get the air conditioning fixed which gave us a nice daytrip to Largs!

July: An Attila
I'm beginning to realise that this year has kind of been the Year of the Degree because for July's most memorable post I've picked the one where I announced my degree classification. I was understandably quite pleased with my result and so I announced it to much excitement and many exclamation points.

Suffice to say I got a 2.1 and I was very pleased about it. And we had cake.

August: Scotland to Gloucester and Back
August was a busy month for catching up with family, which included a trip down south to my cousin's wedding. It was a bit of a flying visit and I had a lovely time at the wedding (despite my cousin's son throwing up all over his bed after the big day and me being the least green about cleaning it up).

The journey there and back again was certainly memorable and I felt like the best way to blog about it was via a simple list of things that I learnt during my day and night on a coach. It was certainly educational, not least because I discovered that I can travel long distances by coach without spontaneously combusting, so it will be something I can do again in the future!

September: Texts To Myself
Compared to August, September was a positively quiet month, during which I recovered from my jaunt down south and started preparations for Christmas. As is traditional, the preparations for Christmas began with preparations for NaNoWriMo. I started writing again and planning stories that I would write during November, oh, and sending myself texts in the middle of the night about crucial story details. As you do.

October: Reunion & Edinburgh
If September was a quiet month then October just sort of exploded with busy-ness! We began with my Mum coming to visit at the beginning of the month, after not seeing each other for far, far too long, and then ended with a trip across to Edinburgh for the big graduation (though that didn't really get blogged about during October, aside from one little post about my planet sized brain)!

I think of all the months this year, October was definitely the top one. Not saying that the rest haven't been good in their own ways, but October was totally awesome and when you thought it couldn't get awesomer, it did!

November: I blogged about Edinburgh again, and again, and again!
November is obviously the month of NaNoWriMo, but this year it was also the month of the Edinburgh posts. I just had so much to say that there wasn't the time or the space to cover it all in October. If you think that this Review post is long, it would've been nothing compared to the length of my original blog post about our Edinburgh weekend!

And then there was National Novel Writing Month as well. I did pretty well with that, hitting 100,000 words over the course of twenty-nine days on two different stories. And I didn't hate one of them. That's a successful NaNo in my book.

December: Guest Bloggers
And here we are at December where I'm making plans for the coming blogging year (I've made a spreadsheet and everything! and trying to decide which of this month's posts is my favourite (not counting the last ones still to come over the next couple of days). I have to admit that I've really loved having my guest bloggers pop by, it's the first time I did it and I'm pleased it was so successful. I was worried that I wouldn't have anyone wanting to take part and not only did I get participants, but they got comments on their posts as well. It's definitely something I'm going to try again in the future.

So it's been a busy and eventful year both on and off the blog. I'm looking forward to seeing what will come in 2015.

Which are your favourite blog posts that you've seen this year, either here, on your own blog, or elsewhere on the internet? Feel free to share them in the comments.

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