Monday, 16 September 2013

The Hospital: An Unexpected Journey, Part 1

On Friday I posted a rather cryptic message explaining the lack of a proper blog post, owing to a trip to hospital. Here's what happened...

Wednesday morning I woke up and didn't feel totally one hundred percent. I was a little bit annoyed with myself because as far as I was concerned I seemed to be coming down with a UTI. Rather than doing anything about it right away I decided to keep an eye on things and book an appointment if things got worse. As it happened I was fairly okay at work and didn't dwell on it too much. Beyond a couple of twinges in the ovary regions (which I'd been having for the last week or so) I felt fine.

When we were in the car on the way home that evening I noticed that my chest felt a little tight. No pain, just the feeling that I was wearing a jumper that was two sizes too small for me. I mentioned it to Mr Click but didn't think too much of it and felt well enough to walk the dog while he cooked tea.

I'd requested spaghetti and meatballs and he did a good job. Later I would regret not asking for a larger portion. We usually watch two episodes of ER on an evening while we eat tea and so I ate my tea during the first episode and then set to sewing up the sleeve of one of Mr Click's jumpers that's been labradored and was showing signs of fraying.

By the time the second episode started I was aware that I wasn't feeling too good. I thought I was just getting a bad back from being hunched over and sewing but no matter how I moved I just couldn't shift the pain. It was just on the right hand side, but it was all the right hand side. From just to the right of my belly button, in my side like a stich, just to the right of my spine and even sort of inside my middle. The left hand side was fine though. It was a really strange and scary feeling.

It kind of built up in waves until Mr Click convinced me that we should really go to the hospital. I'm really glad that I did because less than a mile down the road it increased to such a degree that I could barely breathe. I was convinced I was going to pass out or throw up. At the hospital, when they asked me how bad the pain was on a scale of one to ten I said 'twelve'.

Thankfully that was as bad as the pain got and from that point onwards there was a definite decrease. The nurse at the hospital said she knew I was an 'abdominal pain' from the moment I walked in, all hunched over and white as a sheet. I got a full work up including being hooked up for a 12-lead ECG, a nice jab in my bum with some painkillers, and an antibiotic for the potential UTI.

The doctor was called in (our A&E is part of a small cottage hospital and so the doctor is called if they're needed). Both doctor and nurse were fantastic and the pain was narrowed down to either OHSS (from the IVF) or appendicitis, though the doctor got in contact with a gynaecologist and they decided it was far more likely to be from the IVF.

Around this time I got a venflon put in, which quickly became the bane of my life for the next two days. Both the doctor and nurse tried to get it into my left wrist without any success (I have very tough skin there it seems). My left elbow had been used for lots of blood draws for the IVF so had reached a point where it bruised really easily and was covered in little scabs, so they went for my right elbow instead. It went in easily enough but it was pretty uncomfortable, especially as I kept on forgetting it was there and trying to bend my elbow. Ouch!

At first they were going to get me helicoptered off the island but low cloud meant they couldn't get the Helimed over, so I was on standby for the Sea King if the pain got worse. Mr Click was despatched to get me an overnight bag, with strict instructions to find me some reading material (his mum came through for me with a book from her collection which helped to see me through). And with that I was settled in for the night in my own private room.

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