Wednesday, 25 September 2013

And So It Begins - EA300

The course website for my latest OU course opened last Wednesday so I've been spending my down time getting caught up with things on the forum.

Whenever I start a new OU course I like to try and give myself a head start by digging into the course books as soon as they arrive. It usually means that I can start thinking about my first TMA a couple of weeks before it's actually due because once I've submitted a TMA I invariably give myself a week off which means by the second one I'm in danger of falling behind. The Christmas and Easter breaks help me to get caught up again as well. Coming into my final course for this degree I know how I work best and I've learnt these little tricks to help me stay on top of things.

This will be my second literature course, this time focusing on children's literature. I feel like I'm at a slight advantage with this course compared to last year in that I've actually read several of the books covered in it. Even better for my wallet, I already own some of them as well!

I've only just touched the surface of the first chapter of the course but it's already prompted me to read some children's books that I've either not read for a long time or haven't thought about really reading before. I've read The Water Babies by Charles Kingsley and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll recently, both of which have been mentioned in the course materials though neither of which are required reading or studied in the course.

I have to admit that I love children's books and its great to have an excuse to go back and revisit some of these books as well as to find new books I never considered reading before. It's also making me really pleased that I kept hold of so many of my favourite childhood books because I'm sure they'll come in handy too.

The first books to be studied are Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone by J.K. Rowling and Northern Lights by Philip Pullman. Both of which I've read before, in fact it's come at just the right time for my reread of the Harry Potter series. I'm just hoping I can put aside my immense love and geekery to look at the book objectively.

And no matter how this course goes, there's no exam at the end of it so providing I don't completely cock up my essays I'll be able to graduate after this.

Then I can register to study Latin and maybe pick a few other courses so I can get an Open Degree while I plan how I'm going to go about getting my Masters.

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  1. That is so awesome.

    I would be hard for me to take a book I love and pick it apart. But perhaps going in with the knowledge that is what you are going to do might make it easier. Best of luck.


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