Thursday, 19 September 2013

Day Zero Project: Keep Pot Plants In The Garden Alive

The second part of my target of getting potted plants for the garden was to succeed in keeping them alive for a year. I had a rather traumatic experience in my youth when I grew pansies; when we went away on holiday they were forgotten about and didn't get watered. They did not survive the experience.

With their dying gasp they seem to have cursed me because since then I seem to have the least green fingers possible. I guess that's why I like cut flowers, they look pretty but you have no expectation of them actually surviving for any period of time.

Things seemed a little bit touch and go with our garden plants for a while. The two trees outside the door went through a period of looking decidedly brown and not very healthy. I panicked, convinced that I was killing them, but Mr Click and his Dad worked some magic with some super duper plant feeder and they were revived.

And they're stilly going strong. Arthur II is as well, though I've not actually got any photos of him on my computer at the moment. The photo above is a little out of date, but it should serve to prove that things are still fairly green at our house.

Perhaps the curse has been broken!

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  1. They look like they are doing well. I proclaim the curse has been lifted.

    I repeat, the curse has been lifted. Go forth and grow beautiful things.

    We have a frog with a sign out front that says "I had a rock garden, but it died." That's the extent of my green thumb. ;)


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