Sunday, 8 September 2013

Project 52: Weeks 35 & 36 - Holidays & Frames

This is a catch-up post for the last two weeks' worth of photos as we had a family member visiting last week so I didn't get a chance to get my photos organised. I have to admit that they're maybe not quite as interesting as I would've liked; things have been rather busy the last couple of weeks what with hospital appointments so I've had less time to spend with my camera than I would've liked.

After the break for the summer, the BBC News site returned with their photo themes, beginning with Holidays. I really wanted to take a photo of Tara with my sunglasses on. I imagined putting it into black and white or perhaps sepia tones for a sort of vintage look.

That didn't happen. Whenever I went near Tara with my sunglasses she thought that the aim of the game was to eat them. As I only have one pair of sunglasses and I kind of need them for my next eye appointment in November (when sunglasses can be tricky to come by) I gave up and just took a photo of the sunglasses themselves.

Week 35: Holidays
So, yeah, not the most interesting of snaps. If I'd put a little more thought into it I might have tried to get something reflected in the lens or something, but this was more of an 'oh-crap-I've-not-got-a-photo-for-this-week-yet' sort of photo. Besides, there's something decidedly holiday-ish about wearing sunglasses. Until recently it was the only time I'd ever wear them (because living in Scotland we don't get a huge amount of sun, and even when it does come it, it's not always worth cracking out the sunglasses)!

I vowed to try a little harder with the next theme, Frames. I toyed around with the idea of digging out a bunch of framed pictures and lining them all up but I realised that this would involve messing around with some clutter and again I was in a bit of a rush so I quickly abandoned that idea and looked to the window instead.

Our house has lovely old-fashioned windows downstairs, with the little panes of glass. The actual panes themselves are sometimes quite different in whether they have any sort of colour tint or texture, so I decided to use that as my subject for this photo.

Week 36: Frames
I like that the second pane of glass on the top row in this photo is sort of fuzzy looking. That's because it has a bit of a ripple to it. Sometimes if I glance up quickly and just look through that pane I think it's raining outside when it's not really.

I've taken photos of this window before. At the moment everything is all bushy and green-looking but another few weeks and things will be going yellow and orange. I noticed yesterday when we were watching TV that there were a fair few leaves falling down from the trees so it won't be long before autumn hits us with full force.

Next week's photo theme is Numbers which hopefully should've prove too difficult. Considering I happily wandered down town last Friday to take a photo of a number 16 on a lamppost. Maybe I'll be able to tie it in to my next IVF post!

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