Monday, 23 September 2013

New Bed

Before he moved to Scotland Mr Click bought a new bed for himself. It was a massive sleigh-style bed, in faux-leather and looked really smart. The problem with it was that it had no storage space underneath and took up an awful lot of space in the bedroom.

When we moved into our new home the bed came with us but we had a bit of trouble getting it back together. One corner wouldn't unscrew and another didn't want to tighten up. This coupled with some sticky-out screws which punched a hole in the underside of the mattress kind of suggested that we needed to get a new bed.

The mattress really needed replacing too but it seemed kind of pointless to do that until we'd fixed the problem with the screws in the bed, or better yet, bought a new one.

So when the opportunity presented itself to buy a new bed, we decided it was about time we treated ourselves.

I knew exactly what I wanted; something with legs and space to store some tubs with bedding in underneath, no drawers, a nice headboard, either metal or wood framed. Mr Click pretty much agreed with me and we did a bit of searching online to find something we fancied.

We'd intended to shop at the local store which supplied the rest of our bedroom furniture because he'd be able to dispose of the old bed for us as well, but unfortunately his choice was a wee bit limited. The one bed they had in the style we had hoped for just wasn't what we were looking for.

I went back to looking online and did a bit of searching on Amazon and Ikea, but as is so often the case there were issues about delivering to the island. Then I remembered someone at work mentioning Tesco Direct. And sure enough they would deliver to the island. And they had a bed in almost the exact same style as the one I'd been looking at on Amazon, and they had a £400 mattress marked down to half price!

We were sold.

The bed arrived on the Friday I came out of hospital and almost a week later I came home from work to find the bedroom was looking a little bigger than when I left.

The old bed frame added roughly half a foot to the width of the bed and around a foot and a half to the length. The new bed looked a bit smaller than the old one but just because of the space shaved off the frame.

It's so nice to have extra space in the bedroom. I don't have to squeeze past my chest of drawers to get into bed anymore. You don't need to stand on Tara's bed when you're standing at the end of the bed. And there's no way the head of the bed is going to attract the first the way the old one did.

We've not even got the new mattress on the bed yet either but it's made the old mattress feel brand new. I can't wait for my first night in bed with the new one though, it's already so comfortable I just don't want to get up!

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