Friday, 6 September 2013

IVF Latest: First Scan

On Monday we went to the Nuffield for our first scan to check my progress while I'm having the Gonal-F injections.

Having read other people's experiences online I suspected that I wasn't quite ready yet. Aside from the crazy hormonalness, the slight twinges and the ever-present nausea, I've not had the bloatedness or been able to feel anything under my skin.

The scan confirmed that it's still a wee bit too early to be scheduling a trip to theatre any time soon.

We took the car this time which I was pleased about. I've been incredibly emotional about the smallest things so considering the things that made me cry on Monday, I'm glad I was in the car for this trip. It also enabled us to go to Singapore Express (the all you can eat Chinese buffet) and for me to pick up some new jeans (one of mine has an inexplicable stain which looks creepily like blood although it definitely isn't).

By taking the car but catching the boat we would've caught had we used public transport we arrived at the hospital an hour and a half early. I always feel a bit guilty about getting there early because the poor staff seem to feel bad about us sitting in the waiting room for ages and I'm sure we much up the appointment schedule. It's nice to have time to sit and relax after the journey.

They were obviously quite busy on Monday, it seems like it's a good time of year for fertility treatment. First of all I had my blood taken by S.

We chatted as she did it and I sat with my little bit of gauze for a few minutes waiting for my arm to stop bleeding. S asked if it had, I checked, said yes, tossed the gauze and rolled down my sleeve. Except my poor pin-pricked vein had other ideas and started up again, getting blood all over my sleeve. It was just a tiny bit and barely noticeable but I was kind of annoyed with myself; next time ask for a bit of tape!

We were handed over to L for the scan. It's funny how worked up I was for the first one. Now I've got the routine down perfectly; into the little toilet, strip from the waist down and don sexy hospital gown with patented butt-revealing back, hop onto the bed, put your legs up on the rests, take a deep breath and let the nurse do her thing.

This time I had an extra job to do. I was asked to make some notes of measurements on my chart, Mr Click was asked first but being hard of hearing he suggested he wasn't the best choice if they wanted actual accurate details. So I did it, though as I said above, it was a wee bit too early for anything to have happened so I just had to record the thickness of my womb lining, for anyone keeping score I think it was 6.8 (I'm guessing millimetres).

I did get a quick glimpse at one of my ovaries and it's tiny developing follicles. I think the measurement there was 6mm on the one L measured.

She reassured us that although there wasn't much change yet it was still early days as I'd only been doing the injections since Friday, making Monday morning my fourth day of jabs. Later that evening we got a phone call to confirm our next appointment would be Friday giving us a week of jabs and hopefully something to show for it on the scan.

I was kind of hoping for an increase of medication or something but reading online since then it looks like I'm a bit slow to respond but otherwise on track. Hopefully I'll pick up some momentum and my follicles will really wow them at the next scan.

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