Thursday, 5 September 2013

Day Zero Project: Make something for the house by hand

I've wanted to make something nice for the house for ages, the problem is, I'm not really sure what sort of something I want to make. Part of me would quite like to crack out the sewing machine and learn to use it to make something relatively simple like some cushion covers.

As I mentioned before, I've not quite got to grips with my sewing machine yet. So cushion covers are on the back burner for the time being.

I'm guessing that I'll probably en up knitting something for the house, though I've not decided what that's likely to be either. Top of my list at the moment is a knitted peg bag for hanging the laundry out on the line, but for now most of what I'm knitting are toys.

I guess Santa should could as something for the house. He's a Christmas decoration so he'll only come out for one month a year. I stuff his sack full of treats so I'm looking forward to seeing it again this year.

Unless I post about making cushion covers in the near future, we'll just count Santa as my something for the house!

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