Thursday, 12 September 2013

Day Zero Project: Get Some Pot Plants For The Garden

We share our garden with our next door neighbour. Technically her bit of garden is outside her back door and kitchen window, ours is outside the back door and goes round the side of the house in a sort of L-shape. When we moved in we were given the option to get a fence separating 'our bit' from 'her bit' but we soon realised that this wouldn't really be practical. We don't mind sharing and it seems more neighbourly somehow.

We have flagstones right outside the back door and then the rest of the garden is sort of gravel/large stones, which suits us well because we don't have to worry about cutting grass, it just needs weeding occasionally. But when we moved in I knew that I wanted to have something growing in the garden and we decided that the best way to do this would be to get some potted plants.

The plan is, at some point, to get some pots to go along this fence but at the moment we just make a point of weeding it every once and a while. It's a very low maintenance garden but I don't think that a few pots of flowers or herbs will be too much work.

So far we have a single plant in the back garden. A rather lonely palm-thing which I don't have a photo of at the moment. He's named Arthur II (Arthur I was a rubber plant that we acquired when I was a teenager) and he's been doing very well. This year Mr Click had to weed him because he was growing a thick layer of grass and together he and Tara pulled out all his old yellow leaves. But he does look a wee bit sad sitting by the fence all by himself so I'm planning to slowly pick up pots and plants to keep him company.

We do also have two trees right outside the front door. The two other houses in our row have plants on either side of the door so we didn't want to be the odd ones out. The photo above was taken a year after we moved in, so they've actually filled out a bit since then. They did go through a phase where they looked a little bit brown and sickly but we managed to revive them.

Technically I have achieved this target but I think it's kind of a C+ Could Try Harder kind of thing. Three plants does not a garden make.

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