Thursday, 26 September 2013

Day Zero Project: Grow Strawberries

This is my third of my garden related challenges for the Day Zero Project, though I'm yet to actually get it started.

My father-in-law is really the expert at growing fruits and veg. He's recently turned a big chunk of the garden over to an allotment with marrows, beans, tomatoes and potatoes (among other things). So when I do finally get my act together he'll probably be the first person I speak to to make sure I continue to not kill my plants (he helped to save the fir trees when they started going brown shortly after we got them).

Another reason for my delay in starting to grow strawberries (aside from not being ready to start at the right time of year) is purely aesthetic. I want to get a pretty container to grow them in.

There's a garden centre on the mainland that does a strawberry planter that looks like a tree stump. It looks cute and that would be ideal for my garden.

At some point I will buy the perfect planter and then I can go ahead and start trying to not kill some nice juicy strawberries.

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