Friday, 20 September 2013

Mystery Scarf

Just over a month ago I posted about a Knitting Mystery I'd been planning. Well, a few weeks ago I actually started work on it (and I've been working on it ever since). Last Sunday I ordered the last two colours (bar one extra colour which I'll need right at the end) and so there's nothing stopping me from firing through it to get it finished.

It's no secret now that it's a scarf. A very stripy scarf. If you click back to the Knitting Mystery post from last month you can get a pretty good idea of what the stripe pattern is going to look like, though the colours aren't one hundred percent correct as there have been some modifications to the colour scheme between planning out the stripe pattern and getting the wool.


Now this number of stripes makes for a lot of weaving in at the end, so I opted to knit it in the round, loosely following the pattern for the House Scarf from the Charmed Knits pattern book. This would've been made somewhat easier had I realised that I was knitting something which was roughly 7" round on 9" circular needles. This makes for some work moving the stitches round the needles and does slow me down somewhat. If I attempt this project again in the future I think I'd throw an extra ten or fifteen stitches onto the cast on row to save this trouble.

By knitting in the round I just have to trim the ends of the loose threads at the end, rather than having to weave them all in which would take a lot of work. Weaving in ends is not one of my favourite pastimes! The double thickness also means that it'll be a lovely and warm scarf.

The three pictures above show the first quarter of the scarf. It's already over a foot and a half long, so it's going to be pretty long. It's quite fun watching the effects that are created as new colours are added. So far I've gone from dark blue and light blue, to less dark blue and introduced light green, now I've added dark green to the mix and before long I'll be using some yellow as well.

Any ideas what sort of scarf this is going to be?

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