Monday, 3 March 2014

Hat's All Folks

I mentioned last week that I had offered to test knit a pattern, for Gina Jones's Robyn hat. Well, on Tuesday I finally got it finished (thankfully my circular needles held out on me that long before deciding they'd had enough).

And this is the result:

Excuse the poorly lit and grainy selfie. This was literally minutes after I'd finished weaving in all the ends and hadn't even brushed the poor thing down so it was a wee bit bobbly. Luckily the photo is so terrible you can't actually see too much of the bobbling (it's just the way this particular yarn goes as you're knitting it, it gets very fluffy but once it's all brushed off it's fantastic).

The pattern is fantastic. It gives instructions for numerous different sizes going from baby right up to adult and you just adapt it to suit your measurements. I have a pretty small head so this worked brilliantly for me because I took a couple of measurements, saw straight away I was somewhere around teen/small adult and adjusted accordingly.

The pattern gives you several different options in terms of colour and style; I did the single colour option but there's also a two colour version. The stitch pattern is included but as the notes themselves say, you can switch that out for any other pattern you desire. I followed the pattern that was given and it was easy enough that I could knit mindlessly while watching TV. It's also very forgiving and when I made a mistake I fudged it and only I know where that little mistake is.

To knit this you need to be confident knitting in the round and at picking up stitches; there's a lot of picking up stitches! But I really enjoyed it. The end result is a nice, comfy, and depending on the yarn you use, quick to knit hat.

If I was to do this again in the future I would probably not use the same yarn again. I used US size 5 needles and it meant that it took quite a long time to work up. I think with some nice chunky yarn you could probably whip one of these up in a matter of hours - perfect for a last minute gift!

Check out the link above where the hat is available for download through Ravelry.

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