Friday, 28 March 2014

To A-Z or no...

The A to Z Challenge kicks off in the blogosphere next Tuesday and I'm still debating whether or not to take part this year. Although in the course of writing this post I think I've kind of talked myself back into it!

One of the problems I had last year was that lots of the blogs that I started following were only interesting to me while they were taking part in the challenge; once they stopped the challenge they became more sporadic in their posts or the subjects they posted weren't of much interest to me.

And the changes to Google Reader haven't helped either. Now I have to use BlogLovin which isn't the same. The old reader I used had no problem loading basic pages on my crappy mobile internet connection but BlogLovin's iPhone app seems to load everything or nothing. It rarely updates itself if I'm not connected to wifi and everything is marked as unread regardless of how many times I read it.

That means I have to open up each blog individually and then work through the posts, which is a bit of a faff when I just want to load the posts while I take the dog out to go back and read in bed or on my breaks at work.

That said, I enjoyed reading the posts that everyone came up with and I've had a topic in mind for mind since about September. (I want to do a music-themed A to Z, it's relatively low effort and won't get in the way of my regular posts).

So I'm thinking of using this year's challenge to improve my blog reading habits. Last year it helped me to get into the routine of posting every day. This year I'll use it to get into the habit of reading my friends' blogs and actually commenting on them; something I've been really lax about recently!

Happy Blogging!


  1. The A to Z can be fun and it is true that many blogs do something during the A to Z and then sort of change, I am also reluctant to follow too many blogs while it is on. But it can help to meet like minded bloggers and the like...

    I am helping a bit this year behind the scenes and as I follow you already I will drop by and say hello. I am really on patrol way up at the top of the list, but I am trying to visit many many blogs at present to see who is doing what.

    All the very best.

    Rob Z Tobor

    1. I had a bit of a clear out of who I follow to make more space for the new blogs I find. I think I'll make another group in Bloglovin and watch the A to Z blogs I like and if I carry on liking them in May I'll officially follow them.

      This year I'm mainly wanting to read more and comment more, even if it's on a blog I'm not likely to go back to.


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