Monday, 24 March 2014

Monster Knitting

Knowing that I was going to be spending a fair chunk of time on Friday and Saturday travelling to and from Manchester, I decided I needed a knitting project to keep myself occupied.

I've been working on the female half of a pair of twin dressing up dolls and have been working on getting her fully clothed. The last bit of that involved knitting a scarf which probably would've been finished early on in the journey and unless I took a lot of other supplies with me I'd not have anything to do once I'd finished it.

I bought some lovely big chunky wool in Hobbycraft last week and ordered the corresponding needle tips for it a couple of days later with the intention of taking that. But I soon realised carting that around was not going to be practical as there was no way it would fit in my bag.

Plus I had a dream where one of my wooden needle tips snapped and so I decided I had to make something which I could use my metal tips for.

So I turned to my Big Book of Knitted Monsters. The book fitted snuggly into my shoulderbag and I quickly selected a suitable ball of yarn.

Picking the monster to knit took a wee bit longer but after ruling out the ones I didn't want to do I let Mr Click select one from the ones left. He chose Petunia the Patio Monster and I set to work on her.

This was the perfect choice actually because she's quite small so not a huge number of stitches but the body part basically involves doing the same thing for fifty rows. All I needed was a sticky note to keep track of how many rows I'd done, a pencil and a key for my KnitPro interchangeable needles (in case they worked loose). I managed to fit the key inside my locket that Mr Click got me for Christmas and so wore that while I was away so I always had it to hand.

I think the people I was travelling with were kind of impressed with my Magic Loop ninja knitting and I enjoyed having something to do on what I'd thought was going to be a very long train journey (it was a long train journey but we had several changes which made it impractical to keep getting my knitting out and putting it away).

And my monster is looking really good. Because of the variegated quality of the yarn it's developed a sort of pattern of stripes which twist up the body. Mr Click has suggested that it'd make really neat socks.

No photos just yet unfortunately because my phone won't let me upload them. But I'll be sure to share it when I'm done!

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