Saturday, 15 March 2014

EA300 TMA05 Word Cloud

Last Friday I settled down to start writing my fifth TMA for my current course. I'd spent the last couple of days scouring my course books for any bits and pieces which might make useful references and thought I was ready to go. Until I sat down, scribbled out a couple of sentences, tore that page out the notepad and threw it across the room, turned to a new page and stared at it, and stared at it, and stared at it.

The problem was, both of the two available options gave me very little to work with. One required you to analyse images using the method of analysis detailed in one of the essays in one of the Readers. The other gave a statement about the use of animals in illustrations and asked you to write about that. I kept flip-flopping between the two options because giving up as asking Mr Click for help.

Sometimes you just need someone to bounce ideas off of. I talk to him about what I'm studying and obviously he listens because he kept on suggesting things I could mention until something pinged into place and I was able to send him into the bedroom to leave me in peace, well, half-watching The Sound of Music, to get my essay draft churned out.

It's a bit of a hodge-podge of words, which probably reflects the fact that I didn't really know what I was going to write about. It gradually came together into some sort of an argument but I'm not sure that I've made my point very well.

I really hate my conclusion as well because I didn't really know the best way to sum up what I was saying. By the time I hit my conclusion I was well over my word limit and both trying to cut down my words and find some nice little quote I could throw in at the end. I couldn't find one and finally in desperation I chopped out a random sentence which wasn't really doing much for the essay and that got me down to 2,083 words. It wasn't even that long a sentence but it made me feel like I was less over the 2,000 word target.

I think this assignment is the one I feel the least confident with. But to be honest, I'm not that concerned. As long as it gives me a pass, I'm not too worried if I get less than 65%. After this it's just one more, then the ECA and then I'm done... at least with this degree.

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