Thursday, 27 March 2014

Day Zero Project: Watch all the Harry Potter films in one weekend

I love to have movie marathons, just this weekend I sat and watched all the Lion King movies back-to-back. Back when I made my list of things to do for my Day Zero Project one of the things I included was to watch all of the Harry Potter films in one weekend.

I kind of cheated a bit when I actually completed this challenge in April 2012 but I class it as completed. I never actually specified how long the weekend had to be so when we watched all eight films over the Easter weekend I decided that was it completed.

I'd like to go back and rewatch them in a shorter space of time at some point. Perhaps start earlier in the morning and go for four one day and four the other. I'm thinking of doing this at some point in the summer this year because the last time I watched the films was way back two years ago.

I had to read the first Harry Potter book for my course last year and since then I've read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets so perhaps if I can get the others read I can go back and watch the films afterwards. I'm quite keen to get on with reading the books again as a friend has found and given me an America edition of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. It's massive but it looks beautiful and I can't wait to look at the pretty pictures.

But back to the films, this is one challenge that has definitely been completed but I think it's one which can be repeated fairly frequently. I know the films have their critics and their fans, I prefer the books but I do like the films too.

Just writing this blog post has got me looking forward to watching them again!

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