Sunday, 2 March 2014

Weekly Rundown

This week's been a bit of a weird one because I had a day off work on Thursday. Of course we were still up at the same time as we'd usually be (and in fact it was such a busy sort of day that we went to bed earlier than usual) and then it was business as usual on Friday so it was an odd sort of day off. All the same, after the first half of the week dragged, the second half flew by. Unfortunately it's still flying by right now. Soon it'll be Monday again!

I'm well on top of my OU this week, I'm virtually a whole week ahead of myself which is fantastic because it means I should be ready to start my assignment in the next couple of days. EA300 really has all the TMAs back to back. You've no sooner got one submitted than it's time to start preparing for the next one; I guess that's part of the nature of a Level 3 course.

Speaking of OU, I got my results back from my last assignment: 76%. A slight improvement on the last one so I'm still pleased with that. I've not actually gotten around to reading the feedback on it yet but I'll get to it soon. I don't like to start the next assignment until I've read what the tutor has said about the last one, for obvious reasons.

All week the set texts I ordered last week have been arriving. It started with Voices in the Park, a picturebook by Anthony Browne; he's the author/illustrator who always draws his characters as gorillas and whose books always used to disturb me a bit when I was younger. I've also got Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve which I started straight away as I'd that morning finished reading Soul Fire which was a free Kindle book I'd downloaded. I'm making slow progress on it at the moment; even an hour in the bath with it yesterday only got me one chapter further on.

As for viewing materials, we're so close to the end of ER now, ditto The Good Life. I'm really enjoying watching ER especially as I've only seen the episodes of the final series once before, but at the same time I've been reading up on Criminal Minds (which we'll be watching next) and I really can't wait for that either.

I'll also be sad when we hit the end of The Good Life. We've been really careful to pace how many episodes we watch at a time because we don't want to get to the end so quickly. Luckily it's a series which you can enjoy over and over again so I foresee it coming out again in the future.

This week I'm planning on doing a little bit of shopping for myself, namely for some new knitting needles because I've had to abandon my monster knitting project as the cables kept coming undone and dropping all my stitches. I've had to switch to another project temporarily, one which uses straight needles instead.

What with all the goodies that keep on arriving in the post for me, it's beginning to feel a little bit like my birthday has come two months early!

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