Friday, 7 March 2014

Knitting Knightmare

I mentioned last week that I was planning on knitting a Claude the Closet Monster from Rebecca Danger's The Big Book of Knitted Monsters. Well, you know how the saying goes, the best laid plans and all that...

Yeah, my knitting needles had other plans. Instead I'm currently working on one of the Twin Dress Up Dolls from Jean Greenhowe's Knitted Toys book. The book is as old as I am and the patterns are even older, having originally been published in Women's Weekly during the 70s. It really shows in the outfits these two dolls are wearing and I can't wait to knit the boy doll (who I'm tentatively naming Harold) to see if he looks as retro in real life as he does in the book.

Basically the needles I've been using for the last six years are plastic ones which sort of clip together by pushing one bit inside the other and twisting. As you can imagine, repeating this action regularly over six years has worn out the connectors. They used to stay together really well but now the gentle twisting motion I make as I knit makes them come undone.

I've always used the Denise brand of interchangeable circular needles but these seem to be difficult to get spare parts for in the UK so I'm broadening my knitting horizons and have ordered a selection of alternatives to try. We shall have to see how this goes.

Hopefully in the meantime I can get a couple of cute knitting dolls put together and then I can come back to my monster, who was nicknamed Candy until she fell off my needles (repeatedly). Watch this space!

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