Thursday, 13 March 2014

Day Zero Projects: Watch all the Lord of the Rings films in one day

Being a massive Tolkien fan I've often enjoyed marathon-watching the Lord of the Rings films. I hadn't done it for a while at the time of writing my Day Zero Project list so I added it on here.

The length of the Lord of the Rings films is such that if you watch them all back-to-back it'll use up about twelve hours of your life so actually planning to watch all three films takes a bit of figuring out. Partly because after having spent all day glued to the TV set, you're going to need to spend the next day doing something a little more healthy.

It also takes some planning to figure out exactly when to start watching the films. Being the geek that I am I worked out that if you start at 8am the breaks in the films will give you a chance to walk the dog, have lunch and have tea and still wind up going to bed at a reasonable hour. I'm just that much of a geek.

Despite having planned this so well, I'm still yet to actually make it through the whole process of watching all three films completely back-to-back. So far the closest I've gotten was last month whilst I was working on my fourth TMA.

As I was home alone I started watching The Fellowship of the Ring at about 6:30pm and wrote my assignment as I watched it (I like to have background noise, but it needs to be something I've seen before so I don't get distracted). I finished the actual essay draft by the time the gang reached Lothlorien. Although at times I struggled to keep my eyes open, I stuck The Two Towers on as soon as the first film finished, figuring I could take a break in the middle and watch the second half the following morning, but got a second wind and felt very tempted to power straight on to The Return of the King but realised I needed to not be a zombie the next day; I put that on first thing the following morning instead.

I've come close to watching all three though, and perhaps next time I'm home alone, if I haven't got an assignment to get written, I just might give it another go. As long as I'm able to spend all of the next day in bed!

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