Sunday, 23 March 2014

Weekly Rundown

I'm going to keep this short this week because I'm kind of spending the day like this:

Obviously, I can't stretch out on the sofa because that's occupied by the dog so I'm lounging on my armchair. The intention was to spend the day doing little more than watching Disney films, reading The Lord of the Rings and knitting but then I decided I should probably do some OU.

Right now I'm watching The Lion King films whilst getting myself caught up. I basically did no studying after Monday last week but I've already finished last week's chapter and I'll make a start on this one's after lunch. So not behind at all.

It helps that I've read all the books required for this last block now. I was determined that I didn't want to take Junk away to Manchester with me as I was close enough to the end that I'd need to pack a second book for the return journey (and I was trying to travel light). Luckily I managed to finish it Wednesday morning so I could take my Kindle with the ebook version of The Lord of the Rings with me.

Junk is a pretty heavy going book in places and it's quite bleak. I struggled to like most of the characters and I knew what was coming thanks to its popularity when I was at school. That said, I did quite enjoy reading it and I'm looking forward to getting to study it. I think I could probably find quite a lot to say about it an essay.

We've not watched a massive amount of TV this week, simply because it feels like we've hardly been home. We did watch the last episode in the miniseries of Jonathan Creek and we've got to the end of the first series of The Two Ronnie's Collection. We haven't seen too much of Criminal Minds this week, something I intend to change this week!

Obviously one of the main things I've been up to this week was taking calls for Sport Relief in Manchester. It was a fantastic experience and I loved every minute of it.

I had great company for the event, stayed in a lovely hotel and we got bumped up to First Class on the Virgin train on the way back.

Now I just need to relax, recuperate and get ready for a (hopefully) quieter week!

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