Sunday, 14 April 2013

A break in the scheduled programming

Normally on a Sunday I post my Project 52 photo. This is usually because this is the one day of the week that I'm guaranteed an Internet connection on my laptop.

Unfortunately my father-in-law has contracted the Norovirus so we're not visiting today to give him a chance to rest and recover without the attentions of a daft black labrador. Yesterday he was feeling a little better, so hopefully he's on the mend.

This does mean that my Project 53 post will be delayed this week. The theme was Migration and during my beach walk yesterday I managed to find a slightly gruesome but suitable source of inspiration which I'll post just as soon as I'm able.

It might mean that some of the other blog posts scheduled for this week are somewhat incomplete, as in, without photos. I might go back and edit them when I get a chance because I'm obsessive about things like that.

In the meantime, because I don't like to leave a post without photos, enjoy these photos of Ettrick Bay. I'm currently sitting here with a soggy, sandy labrador, eating macaroons and drinking hot chocolate, marvelling at the fact that I can sit in the middle of nowhere and post to my blog, even if I can't get the stuff on my laptop to post in quite the same way.

Tara and I walked to the bit of land on the very left hand side of the picture. Along the beach, through all the little streams; I was very glad of my welly boots.

Now the wind is getting up, the sky is getting grey and we're getting ready to head home to watch Carry On films, do housework and pretty much veg for the rest of the day.

What're your plans for this Sunday?

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