Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Spring Forward, Fall Back

Here in the UK we had to adjust the clocks for Daylight Savings Time on Sunday. As per the little saying, they went forward this time; putting the clocks forward is also known as 'the bad one' because that's the one where you lose an hour.

Luckily, thanks to Easter coming early this year, we had an extra day off to get used to it. I usually adjust fairly quickly but when the alarm goes off at 7am I can't help but think 'this time last week it was 6am'.

Mr Click's dad has a story about a friend who moved their clocks in the wrong direction and ended up two hours out. In fact, when we both got our iPhones last year I couldn't remember if they did it automatically; we normally adjust our clocks the night before when we're going to bed, I was worried about waking up and not knowing what had changed automatically.

At least this time of year means we can make sure all of the clocks show roughly the same time. I normally have the bedroom alarm clock set ten or fifteen minutes fast to give us snoozing time in the morning, but it gradually gains a bigger gap between its time and the actual time. Before we reset it there was a gap of about twenty-five minutes between it and my phone!

At least now the mornings are getting lighter earlier and the evenings are staying lighter for longer. Won't be long before we're at the longest day of the year, and before we know it, those clocks will be falling back again!


  1. I really, really hate daylight savings! There is absolutely no point to anymore. And all it does is mess with people's schedules!

    1. I don't mind it when it goes in the other direction and I get an extra hour to lounge in bed on the Sunday morning, but I always feel a bit miffed that someone somewhere gets to steal an hour from me on a random Sunday night. ;-)


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