Wednesday, 17 April 2013


I quite like doing housework, if I'm in the right mood for it. There are certain jobs that I enjoy more than others; I quite like vacuuming, I love doing laundry and washing up isn't too bad depending on what's been eaten or cooked.

In our house I'm quite lucky in that Mr Click does pretty much all of the housework. I'm in charge of laundry, I have a system and Mr Click would probably mess it up. So we've come to a tentative agreement; he leaves all that to me and we remain happily married.

Here's one the Laundorama did earlier!
I think the thing I like most about laundry is the fact that it leaves you with lots of time for other things in between. You sort it, throw it in the machine, and leave it for a couple of hours. It finishes, you stick it on the line or on an airer, and leave it til it's done. It's effortless!

I also do odd bits and pieces like dusting and we both run the vacuum round. Sometimes it needs doing rather more frequently than others depending on how much paper the girls have thrown out the cage and whether Tara is casting (beigey coloured carpets and a black dog don't really go so well together). Generally if one of us thinks things are looking a bit hairy, we'll get the hoover out and take care of it.

Mr Click largely takes care of the kitchen (because that's his territory) and the bathroom; we both do our bit in the living room. Though he has to do all the window frames because I can't reach! Both the living room and bedroom is fair game. He normally takes care of the bedding because again, my height puts me at a disadvantage, I struggle to reach the ends of the duvet cover!

It's a pretty fair way of organising things in the house and we stay well on top of it. We both do our bit and I like to appreciate the little things we do to help keep our house feeling like a home.

Do you have chores that you really enjoy? How do you share housework in your house?

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  1. The only chore that I really enjoy is cleaning the ratty cages. I do a little spot cleaning each day around the other parts of the house so it doesn't get too cluttered but while cleaning the cages I get to play with the rats too. Bonus!

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