Tuesday, 30 April 2013

#atozchallenge - Zero

And so we've made it to the end of the challenge! Z was always one of the letters I kind of found tricky to come up with something to write about. Eventually I selected Zero but then for a while I couldn't remember exactly what I was going to say about it, that would've made this a really short blog post, but it's okay, I've remembered now.

Zero, zilch, nada, nyet. It's such a lonely sounding number. I've had exactly zero positive pregancy tests, zero pregnancies and zero children. It's kind of depressing.

But at the same time, it's not all bad. I've got a few extra zeros at the end of the figure in my bank account since the loan came in. That means we can actually afford to give the private IVF a go now.

I've got pretty much no time left to wait until we start that. That's definitely an improvement on the year we thought we would still have to wait.

Zero will also be the number of holiday hours I'll have left once we've done this cycle. It'll also be the number of complaints I'm going to make about that because they'll all be going to a good cause.

I'm pleased that I managed to make a post for the A to Z Challenge each day this month; I didn't miss a single day. I guess zero could also be for the number of posts I have left to write for this. It's kind of a bittersweet moment because I've quite enjoyed sharing this with so many people. It was a little bit daunting at times, but I made it through.

I'm planning on continuing to blog about the IVF if we're able to go ahead with it this summer. I hope that these posts have helped, or will help anyone who is going through this as well. I've definitely enjoyed writing them, and 'meeting' the new people that the challenge has brought to my blog (as well as the new blogs I've discovered through it).

I'll be back for it again next year, I have no doubt about that, though as yet I also have no idea what I'll write about. Oh well, I have a whole eleven months to come up with a theme...


  1. There's a hidden reason behind everything...

  2. Best of luck with your next round.

    Zero is also the vacation days I'll have left after I get back from writing my heart out at Odyssey this summer. (It'd be minus four, but they won't let me overdraw, so I'll have to take a few days of unpaid leave.) Fortunately my bank account should be above zero, even after tuition payments, residence fees, and all the other expenses.

    Drop by and visit at kelworthfiles.wordpress.com


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