Friday, 26 April 2013

Wish you were here...

Today we've been to Oban and I would've posted this blog entry while I was there but a, I had no Internet connection and b, it kept showering and I didn't want to stand out in the rain writing a blog post.

We were up at 5am for our trip and I walked Tara!pup to Kerrycroy to tire her out before handing her over to my in-laws. It's a two hour drive from the ferry to Oban and there was one just coming in as we arrived which meant we were able to drive straight on.

We have a set routine when we get there now. We walk round all the charity shops first, starting at one end of town and working our way down to the other. I found a couple of old knitting pattern books for £1.50 each; one is knitted dogs and the other knitted cats. That's been added to my collection. Mr Click found some new jeans and we've both found some new films and DVDs as well.

To make such a trek worthwhile we also did a big shop. Since we've got our chest freezer now we have to keep it stocked, that meant a trip to Farmfoods. I nearly had a heart attack as we were going round and we kept grabbing things. There were loads of things on buy two or three for £5 and it seemed like we bought them all!

We'd anticipated spending about £50 on the frozen stuff but seeing what'd gone into the trolley I was sure it would be nearer the hundred pound mark. I think I actually winced as the cashier rang it all up; so you can imagine how pleasantly surprised it was when the bill came to £46! I think that's enough food to last us a good couple of months.

Now we're in Inverary, chowing down on some chips and chicken from Mr Pia's (easily the best chips in the west of Scotland, seriously, you have to try them).

Today has definitely been a really good Unbirthday.

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