Thursday, 4 April 2013

Day Zero Project: Take a week's holiday

I've taken almost a week's worth of holiday from work before. Usually in the run up to Christmas when I realise I've still got several day's worth to use before it runs out but that time is normally spent at home watching films, walking Tara or perhaps going to the mainland for shopping.

Our last holiday was in 2009, when we went to North Yorkshire. We'd hoped to go back there in 2011, but then we moved house and I lost my job, and it seemed like a far better use of that money would be on feeding ourselves and paying for electricity (especially as I never actually got any money from Jobseeker's Allowance). If I ever needed a holiday, it was then!

The thing is, we live in such a beautiful part of the world, that it's very easy not to mind being here all the time. We have trips to the mainland for shopping and every so often we go to Dunoon, or Ayr, or Oban as a day trip which gives you a change of scenery.

That said, I'd really enjoy booking off a full week from work, knowing I'd be going away to somewhere completely different. We've been talking about going back to North Yorkshire next year, though that'll depend on what's happening IVF-wise, because I'll need my holidays for that. The good thing about my current job is I'm not constrained in when I can take my holidays now, so it means we're fairly flexible.

One way or another, I'll take a week's holiday, even if it does just any up being to sit at home and watch Christmas films!


  1. Just stopping by from the A-Z list to say hi :)

    Interesting thought provoking post. I don't live somewhere that I'd ever choose to visit on holiday, but I guess if I lived by the sea for example (my dream!) I'd probably never want to go anywhere else! ;)

    Good luck with the rest of the challenge xx

    1. Thanks for the visit.

      I came to live here after visiting on holiday so I can still appreciate the holiday-ness of the place. It's different at different times of the year too so it's always an interesting place to be.

      Good luck with the challenge too. :-)


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