Thursday, 18 April 2013

Day Zero Project: Get a promotion

When I made my list of things to do for the Day Zero Project, it was just after an opportunity had come up at work that I was too chicken to put myself in for. I made all sorts of excuses, telling myself that I hadn't worked there long enough to go in for it and things like that, but in reality I was just scared of putting myself forward and not being good enough.

I thought that adding this to my Day Zero Project list would be a good incentive to not let an opportunity slip by again. Even if I put myself forward and don't get it, I'll still have had the experience.

I suppose that it makes this more of a 'Go for a promotion' rather than 'Get a promotion'. But I think I should be positive and look at it as something I might actually be able to achieve.

If not, I have had additional training since I started my job and now I'm qualified to do two different parts of it. I suppose that's kind of a promotion of sorts, if you look at it as something that gives you more responsibilities.

I've got a little while yet before my challenge ends, and hopefully if something comes up that I might like to go for in the future, I'll have worn out the old 'you've not worked there long enough' excuse.

And I'll try not to come up with any new ones!

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