Friday, 19 April 2013

#atozchallenge - Questions

Do you ever feel like just when you’ve got to grips with something, suddenly you find that there are a hundred and one more questions that you’ve discovered about it?

That’s kind of how I find myself feeling on this journey to start a family. Way back at the beginning it seems quite simple, I mean, people have been making babies for thousands of years; it can’t be that hard. But of course there are lots of questions even then. That’s how I came to learn about these little things that help to increase your chances of conceiving; the OPKs and charting and things.

Most people on forums are fairly quick to answer any questions that you have; most of them were in your place way back when they started. And of course there’s Google, though sometimes that’s confusing or scary. Word to the wise: Never ask Dr Google for medical advice, it’s never good news.

The worst questions are the ones that come to you after the doctor says ‘any questions?’ because at first you can never think of any. They never come to you until about half an hour after you’ve left the appointment, and then you think ‘oh, I should’ve asked that’.

I’d definitely recommend making a list of any questions that you might have when you go for an appointment. It feels a bit silly, but it really is the best way to make sure that nothing is forgotten. If you have a notepad or smart phone you can even write down the answers.

It’s easy to think of questions if you know what to expect from an appointment, but some are trickier. Like my appointment at the hospital in Glasgow; I didn’t really know what I was going for and when the doctor asked if I had any questions all I could think of was ‘is that all I was here for?’ which didn’t see, like the right sort of question to ask. By the time we were on the train coming home I had thought of half a dozen things that I should’ve asked but didn’t think to while we were there.

Now I’m learning how to play this game and even when we went to the open day at the Nuffield I went armed with a stack of questions, most of which were answered before I even asked them. I suppose it’s a learning curve, but I’m getting the hang of it.


  1. I'm like this whenever I go to my check-up appointments for my Crohn's disease. So like you, I've started jotting down questions whenever I think of them, even if it's weeks before the appointment. Otherwise I feel like it's wasted if I just sit there and don't ask anything!

    I soooo hope that you will be on your way to having a baby ASAP. Thinking of you and hoping! X x

    1. It was always something I tried to avoid doing, but now I can see the practical side of things. It's always so annoying when you come out and then think of twenty things you should have asked.

      And thank you. Fingers crossed it'll happen for us soon. :-)


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