Friday, 19 April 2013

April Knitting

When I realised that I wouldn't get my Project 52 post up on Sunday, I thought 'never mind, I'll not bother with that knitting post I was planning, I can post my photo on Friday instead'. This would have been a perfect plan, had I actually taken the photo I intended to use off of my camera and transferred it to the computer to edit and get uploaded with this post.

So this'll have to be about knitting instead.

Except I've not really done much of that either!

I've been working on a Puss-in-Boots doll for a family member, but I made a mistake at the back when I was sewing it up, so I need to try and unpick the stitches to see if I can fix it, or if I'll have to fudge it together some other way. In the meantime I've been sewing the rest of the doll together and it's looking pretty good.

Alas, I tend to do my sewing up in the living room while we're watching TV at the weekend and in the evenings; but lately I've been getting cracking on the OU work. I've got my exam in less than two months now and I've spent the last couple of weeks working on the chapters for the assignment I've just submitted. That's left me with very little sewing time.

I've also been working on a Grandma Humpty-Dumpty (for another family member) while we've been sitting in bed at night watching Scrubs. I've gotten to a point in that pattern where I need to start sewing things up, so again, that's gone onto the back burner until Puss is finished and I can move it into the living room to get finished off.

I have now got the assignment completed and submitted, so I'm planning to spend my birthday weekend (when I'm not in Oban) getting caught up on my knitting. I have an ever growing list of things that I'd like to knit; next up will be a baby hedgehog, a Scottish bagpipe-playing scarecrow and then probably a turkey from the farmyard animals pattern book I acquired.

I might get that done in time for Christmas!

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