Tuesday, 23 April 2013

#atozchallenge - Trying

I can’t believe that this is almost it for the A to Z Challenge. The end is almost in sight! It’s quite a strange feeling to think that I’m managed to go from someone who posted fairly sporadically throughout the week to someone who actually thinks ahead about what they’re going to post, writes and schedules things in a very organised way. I think I’ve got the Challenge to blame for that!

When someone says that they’re Trying for a baby, I always think it sounds so simple. Of course, I know that it isn’t, but that little six-letter word makes it sound as though it’s so easy. I mean, you try and pass a test, or you try and pick something up at the shops. The basic idea is that you put a little bit of effort in and you get a result.

Unfortunately it can also be pretty trying. It was honestly quite fun at first, exciting even, when you think about this scary new stage of life that you’re embarking upon. Then you start reading up on things and learn that there are lots of different tricks you can try to help things along; vitamins and supplements you can take, special gels you can get, not to mention jewellery, positions and when to actually do it.

And when none of that works it can get a bit stressful. And that doesn’t help either!

Knowing there’s a problem doesn’t stop you trying though. If anything it makes you that little bit more determined to succeed. I know that the gynaecologist told me that the only way I’m likely to get pregnant is via IVF, but I’m stubborn and if someone tells me I can’t do something it makes me all the more determined to prove them wrong. Telling me I can’t have children naturally just makes me want to try a little bit harder, because, y’know, I hate to be wrong. ;-)

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  1. Wishing you every success as you try. Just don't try too hard. I've heard being relaxed and less stressed out about it, makes things a lot easier.


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