Saturday, 20 April 2013

#atozchallenge - Romance

When you're trying to start a family, you can get to a stage where things aren't too romantic any more. I think it comes right about the time when you start obsessing about the results of your OPKs, what your chart reading is saying for the day and what's going on with your mucus (I'm not even going to go there).

Of course, when you realise that making a baby is going to involve not just yourself and your partner but a whole team of people with medical degrees, it could potentially suck all the romance out of things.

I like to think it's the little things that help to keep the romance going in a relationship.

Whenever Mr Click and I get in the car, we kiss. We never start driving without our little kiss.

If he goes off the island without me, Mr Click often brings me flowers. Sometimes he meets me from work with little gifts or a special treat for breakfast; the latest gift was a copy of my friend's book, completely unexpected!

If I know he's going to clean the bathroom, I'll give one thing (like the sink) a quick wipe round, to help make his job easier when he goes in later.

Sometimes I give him an extra five minutes lie in on a morning, or I'll lay in bed reading at the weekend so he can have a long snooze (I tend to wake early and sometimes I get bored and wake him up too).

Whenever we've gone to the hospital for appointments we try to make it into a nice day out. Even when I had my operation we drove home via a garden centre that we like to have a meal. We went there again on the way to the Nuffield the other week. Even when we've gone to the hospital in Glasgow we've done a bit of shopping and had a bit of fun.

I think that the fact that we're keeping the romance alive through all these trials, we'll manage to survive all the things we have yet to come.


  1. I think you both sound like your doing a very good job of keeping the romance alive.

    Dark Thoughts Blog


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