Monday, 1 April 2013

Happy Easter

Easter is ridiculously early this year. I always used to have this rule where I wouldn't eat my last Easter Egg until my birthday, but as my birthday is at the end of April this year it'll be tricky. Especially now I'm grown up I only get one egg.

Actually, this year my in-laws bought Mr Click and me a fancy Easter Egg to share, so perhaps that'll help make saving a bit of chocolate until my birthday slightly easier.

Last Easter we had a marathon of Harry Potter films which was good fun. I'd hoped to do the same thing this year but we've still not seen all of Dancing On The Edge, so we've chosen that as our viewing material of the weekend.

There'll also be extra days spent at my in-laws', lots of chocolate and plenty of long lie ins.

How've you spent your Easter weekend?


  1. Best wishes to you, both for the A to Z challenge and everything that lies beyond!

    Jenny at Choice City Native

    1. Thank you and good luck with your challenge too. :-)


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