Monday, 23 December 2013

Early Spring Cleaning

I've been thinking that I need to have a clear out of the blogs that I follow for a little while, but this Sunday I finally sat down and actually did it.

A couple of months ago I found I was spending less time online and so this caused me to fall somewhat behind in the blogs I was reading. I kept on trying to get caught up with what was going on with everyone but it was a bit tricky, mainly because I was following so many people. Granted, not every one of the 100 or so blogs was posting every day, but it was enough that if even half of them posted each day I had a lot of reading to do.

I added a lot of blogs during the A to Z Challenge, mainly because I found their A to Z posts interesting. Since then I've been whittling some away because aside from what they chose to write about during the month of April I don't have much in common with them.

I also added a lot of blogs when we were going through the IVF. Those blogs now fall into one of two categories; pregnancy blogs for the people who were successful or unsuccessful IVF blogs for those who weren't. As happy as I am for those people who are now expecting their miracle babies, it kind of bums me out when I go online first thing in the morning to see posts about their latest scan or the cute outfit they've picked out for baby-to-be. By the same token I can deeply sympathise with those who were unsuccessful but it's just as hard to read about how they're preparing for the next cycle, or for life without children. So I've stopped following those blogs until I'm ready to start reading them again.

So now I'm down to a rather more manageable fifty-eight blogs that I'm following. Some of those aren't really updated any more, but I'm keeping them there so that I'll know if they are in the future. Of course I'm going to be adding to this number, I don't have nearly enough blogs about knitting in my list, so I'll get those added as I find them, but I think this is better for me to keep track of. Hopefully I'll actually have time to reply to some of the posts I read as well now!

How do you keep track of which blogs you follow? Do you set a limit or do you have a regular cull to keep things tidy?

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