Saturday, 7 December 2013

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Today has been a very Christmassy sort of Saturday. It's actually the first of several Christmassy Saturdays as next week is my work's Christmas night out (when I'll be having my first of three Christmas dinners).

This afternoon was the Royal British Legion's Christmas Fayre and the local community band were playing carols. I'd been asked to act as official photographer for the day so we headed down early so I could do some last minute Christmas shopping and pick up some cards for family and friends.

It was a wonderful boost to my Christmas spirit. The moment they started playing Good King Wenceslas I couldn't help but feel all excited and Christmassy. So when we got home I banished Mr Click to the living room and took all the presents I had upstairs to sort and wrap.

He'd put my main presents under the tree the other day, that's them on the right. I wrapped the two in front and the pile to the left which includes his birthday presents.

I decided to be really organised this year and started Christmas shopping in August. Unfortunately I didn't keep a list so I wound up buying a few extra gifts. Some are going to be stocking fillers but one has been redesignated as a birthday present from our Tara-Tup to Mr Click for his birthday.

Speaking of Tara, her main present arrived today; a Kong Wobbler! I really can't wait to see what she thinks of it on Christmas Day; I think it's as much a present for us as it is for her!


  1. Whilst you're in the Xmassy mood - tag you!

    1. Thank you, just getting on this now!


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