Friday, 20 December 2013

The Christmas Tag

My friend Mark from Random Ramblings was tagged in this Christmas Tag just over a week ago. Being a generous sort of guy he tagged me in too. As Christmas is my favourite time of year, this was right up my street!

Do you prefer a real Christmas tree or synthetic?
I've only ever had a real Christmas tree twice.
Once when I was twelve I went to America to spend Christmas with my uncle and his family out there. They actually had to get two because the weather was really hot and the first one died!
When I was in Sixth Year we acquired a real tree for the common room. After two weeks off school that thing lost its nice piney scent and just stank. And we were finding pine needles all over the place right up until we left that summer!
I prefer synthetic personally. It's nice and tidy and at the end of the season you can pack it away ready for next year. We technically have two real Christmas trees but they live just outside our front door. This year Mr Click picked up some lights for them so I guess they count as Christmas trees too.
You're in a coffee shop, it's December, what do you pick up?
I'm not a coffee drinker although I love the smell of it, especially the fancy ones you get at this time of year. I'm more of a hot chocolate fan.
I like my hot chocolate in coffee shops the same way all year round, the fancier the better. Lots of whipped cream, maybe some marshmallows, a gingerbread biscuit. When I was in Edinburgh the other week I had one with caramel and that was pretty yummy. I could definitely go for another one of them!
What's your favourite colour scheme for decorating the tree?
When we moved into our own place, in the run up to December, we realised that we didn't have a Christmas tree. Luckily Argos on eBay were selling one for just £14.99 including the lights and all the decorations, so our tree currently has a red and gold theme. Although as each year we exchange anniversary Christmas gifts, there are some other colours on there too.
I don't really have a set Christmas colour scheme. Obviously red and gold and green are good. I also like silver and purple and blue too. We've got purple tinsel all over the house, pink and silver baubles hanging from it as well as multi-coloured paper chains round the ceiling in the living room.
Giving or receiving?
Well obviously I love to receive presents, who doesn't? I love the excitement of getting all those oddly shaped presents all wrapped up and wondering what's inside them. And then finally finding out on Christmas Day. Plus there's getting new toys to play with as well which is fun.
But then I like to buy gifts for other people and I love trying to find things that will be a little bit special or unusual. It's always fun on Christmas Day to see what people think of what they've got. This year I've got Mr Click a fantastic present which I'm really pleased with. Plus I got it at an absolute bargain price as well. Normally when I get a gift for someone which is that fantastic, Mr Click is the first person I'll tell. It's killing me that I've had this gift sat at home since October and I've not been able to share it with him. Only another five days to wait at least.
To mince pie or not to?
I'm really not a fan of mince pies at all. In fact pretty much all of the traditional Christmas dessert are out for me. I don't like Christmas pud, I don't like Christmas cake, and I don't like mince pies. I'm not part Grinch, honest.
Those mince pies up there are ones which I made myself a few years back. I can't stand the taste of them, but I do make a mean mince pie. I just also have to make a batch of jam tarts to go with them so that I have something that I can eat while everyone is saying how scrummy mine are.
What's your traditional Christmas lunch?
Roast turkey all the way!
I'm more than a little bit disappointed that we're not having turkey at my in-laws' this year. We've got a capon instead. Luckily Mr Click has picked us up a little turkey crown which we'll be having tomorrow as a mini Christmas dinner at home together. This year will actually be my first year in memory that I've not had roast turkey.
I also like my old family tradition of having a buffet for tea. Leftover turkey, cold potatoes, salad, cheese sticks, crisps, pretzels and all those other goodies. Then you sit there and pig out while you watch Doctor Who.
Christmas day fashion?
I usually go for something comfy. I wouldn't usually dress in anything different from a regular day really, although I do have to sleep in nice comfy Christmas pyjamas the night before. I've also got a funky Christmas jumper, although we spend Christmas Day at my in-laws' house and it would be far too warm to wear that all day.
What's your favourite Christmas song?
I couldn't possibly pick just one. I've made up a playlist on my Kindle and it has somewhere in the region of 497 Christmas songs from compilation CDs, Disney CDs and movie soundtracks. I like nothing more than putting them on and having a little rock out in the kitchen.
It depends on my mood a lot of the time but generally I like the really upbeat, poppy songs. Oh, and the complete soundtrack to Muppets Christmas Carol. Last year I did a series of blog posts through the month of December so those would probably be my top 25 Christmas songs.
What's your favourite Christmas film?
We have a massive collection of Christmas DVDs and blu-rays so I'm not sure I could pick just one favourite. Muppet Christmas Carol is obviously WAY up there as one of the top ones, but I also quite like Elf and it's never properly Christmas until you've watched White Christmas.
Open presents before or after lunch?
Always before. As a child the tradition was always to do the stockings first, before breakfast, and then we'd have croissants and other treats for breakfast and then afterwards it was time for the bigger personal presents.
As an adult things follow pretty much the same routine. In five days time we'll wake up, go and investigate to see whether Santa has been. We'll give Tara something from her stocking so that we can open ours in peace. Then all of our main presents will be packed into the card and we'll head to my in-laws' house, where we'll give Tara her present first to distract her and then exchange and open all of the other presents we've been given.
I've fallen way behind on the blogs that I read so I'm going to just leave the tag here for anyone who wants to take it. If your do, let me know and I'll post a link to your post here.

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