Wednesday, 18 December 2013

TMA 02 Results

Last week I posted wondering how I'd gotten on with my last TMA. Well, on Sunday morning, just after I'd crawled in from the work night out, I got a message on my phone to tell me that my TMA results were in.

I'm not able to download the marked assignment on my phone, but I am able to see what my score for it is. I was hoping for something between 40% and 65%; I got 73%!

One of the first things my tutor said was that I had taken on board her comments from my last assignment and she could see evidence of what I'd changed between the two, so I'm glad that it showed. One of the main things I did this time around was avoided using the Study Guide as a basis for my essay; I used it to help identify which chapters in the Readers I should look at, but didn't reference anything from the Guide itself. Obviously that was the right thing to do.

I think something else that helped me this time around was the fact that I read the assignment brief before I actually started studying the chapters it was assessing. That meant that while I was actually doing the course work I was looking out for things that I could use in my essay. It definitely worked well so I'm going to make sure that while I'm studying the next block I'm also referring to the brief for TMA 03 ready for getting that written and submitted for the beginning of January.

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