Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Christmas Decorations

There's a bit of debate about when it's best to put your Christmas decorations up. When I was little it was always a couple of weeks into December but I always liked the idea of putting them up on the first of the month.

So now I have a place of my own, that's what we do.

Except this year we were in Edinburgh on the first so they went up on the 30th of November instead.

The first year we were here we just had a tree. Last year I made paper chains and we added those to the decorations. This year we've got the tree, the paper chains and tinsel and baubles all over the place. Oh, and lights on our 'Christmas trees' outside.

If we keep going like this I dread to think what the house will look like next year!

How about you? Are your decorations up yet?

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