Monday, 2 December 2013

Edinburgh Christmas Market

A group at my work organised a trip to Edinburgh for Christmas shopping yesterday. It was only my third trip there and the last two times were just for short shopping trips while on school theatre trips. Mr Click was a toddler the last time he went so it was a brand new experience for both of us.

After a LOOONG journey (we were up at 5am and arrived at around 11am) we were refreshed with hot chocolate and a decaf latte before wandering through the market looking at all the fantastic Christmas stalls.

We then did some slightly more practical shopping (and outfit for the Christmas night out for me and jeans for Mr Click). I got an absolute bargain when I paid for my shoes and found they were £10 off!

Then we wandered to a sweet shop and around some other shops picking up new jammies and bits and pieces for Mr Click's stocking.

And returned to the market at the tail end of the day for our first ever taste of roasted chestnuts (which were lovely once we figured out how to break into them) and to buy more treats. I got us German Advent Calendars, chocolate gingerbread shapes and after trying to decide between a wooden nativity scene and an advent tree I went for the tree; I've wanted one for years and I'm planning on knitting a nativity scene at some point.

By the time we got home we were knackered and the alarm went off far too early this morning, but it was a fantastic day and I hope we can go back again in the future.

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