Monday, 9 December 2013

Book 42 of 2013: The Uninhabited House by J.H. Riddell

I'm quite behind on typing up my books reviews, and as I've been terribly disorganised about posting during the last couple of weeks, so I'm going to spam my blog with some book reviews for the next few days. Starting with a book I read way back in the summer during the HTV Reading Challenge.

I was looking for a book with a title beginning with the letter U for the Summer challenge and found a book called The Uninhabited House by J.H. Riddell for free to download for my Kindle. It looked like a nice short read, which it was.

It's the story of an old house which is owned by a poor woman but which cannot be sold or let out due to a resident ghost who scares away all prospective renters. A young lawyer agrees to stay in the house in order to prove that there is nothing wrong with the house.

I wasn't expecting it to be a ghost story, I didn't read any blurb or information about it before I started so that came as a bit of a shock when I realised the direction it was taking. That did slow me down a bit because I was reading it in bed at night and I didn't want to wind up frightening myself, so I had to set it down and finish it the next morning. If I'd not chickened out I would've read it all in one sitting.

It's the sort of story that would make good reading at this time of year, rather than in the summer when I read it, because I always associate Christmas time with Victorian ghost stories (thank you Mr Dickens). It had a bit of everything in it; the creepy ghost story, the romance, the technical legal stuff.

It was a nice simple quick read and one which I'm sure to revisit again in the future.

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