Monday, 21 April 2014

Chapter-by-Chapter Book Review Poll

I've recently become enamoured with the idea of doing some Chapter-by-Chapter book reviews preferably on a series of books. I'm almost up to date with my book review posts from last year and I'm thinking that some of the books I read would work well as Chapter-by-Chapter reviews, if thought about doing it last year but my Children's Literature reading material kind of kept me too occupied to do anything about it.

I'm trying to work out which books I'd like to read like this but it's proving a bit difficult to decide which one to go with. So I thought I'd put out a little poll to see if anyone else wants to make the choice for me. Vote in the poll to the right, you can make multiple selections, so go wild. I'm leaving it open for a week for now.

The options...

The Twilight Series
I've not actually read these yet, despite being well aware of most of their tropes and storylines. I kind of feel like I can't be too critical of them because I've not read them and I'm a bit curious to actually peek inside. I don't own these books either, which puts this series in the con column, but they're easy enough to acquire.

The Fifty Shades Series
Another series I neither own not have read, but I can borrow a copy. Morbid curiosity makes me want to read them, but considering they started life as fanfiction of the above perhaps I should try that first.

The Hobbit & The Lord of the Rings
I've just recently written up my review of last year's reread of The Hobbit and at the time of writing this post was reading The Lord of the Rings but I'm familiar enough with them that I would find plenty to say in a Chapter-by-Chapter review. I kind of lump them both together because having recently read The Lord of the Rings I feel like next I should read The Hobbit. If I went this way I'd probably follow it up with The Silmarillion.

The Harry Potter Series
I had to read the first one for my course and have slowly been working my way through the series since plus I've recently seen all the films and that's kind of inspired me. I'd be able to back track a wee bit and go through them all bit by bit. Plus there's a good website that does something similar that I could link to.

The Edge Chronicles Series
I have most of the books in this set which is comprised of a trilogy of trilogies, I'm just missing two from the last trilogy and one from the first. It's a series my brother loved when he was younger and I've never read it. It's a children's series of books which would mean it'd be a slightly less taxing read them some other choices, plus it'd be fun to share the experience of reading something for the first time.

A Series of Unfortunate Events
I'm working my way through the books on my Children's bookcase at the moment, this follows on from the above two sets. I've read these multiple times before but the last time was a couple of years ago. The chapters of these books are quite short so I could probably double up in blog posts to get through them quicker.

The Hunger Games Trilogy
I've read these one before but that's the next best thing to never reading them before. I've been wanting to re-read them for a while as well. I enjoyed (if that's the right word) my first read of them but I wonder if I might pick up on more on a second read. Speaking of which...

A Song of Ice and Fire
Reading Lord of the Rings and the latest series of A Game of Thrones airing on TV has got me thinking about having a reread of these books. I felt that at moments I wasn't quite sure what was going on and that I should have maybe kept a notebook to help keep track of things, a second read would help make things a lot clearer.

Narnia Series
I have a beautiful copy of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe which I've had since I was small but I've never read any of the other books as far as I'm aware. I've held off buying paperback copies because I wanted to get Kindle copies. And now it seems you can get them as a set so I'm thinking of treating myself.

Discworld Series
Either in its entirety (if I'm feeling crazy) or, more practically, individual sets of stories within the main series, i.e. just the Rincewind stories or the Witches ones. This would be slightly tricky because it's rare for these books to have chapters which would make the whole Chapter-by-Chapter aspect of the reviews difficult.

Earth's Children Series
I've been planning to re-read these books for quite a while but somehow it didn't seem right to read what in many cases accounts to little more than prehistoric porn in between children's books during my course. Now I'm free of that I feel like I'm finally ready to go back to them. I'm still needing to get the final one, which I've not done yet because I want to get it in hardback to match all the others.

Something else
Any other suggestions? I've got some other book series like the Sherlock Holmes ones, Kathy Reichs' Temperance Brennan ones, and basically if I've reviewed them here on the blog I've got easy access to them.

Alternatively maybe there's a single book you'd be interested in seeing me review, providing it's not too obscure and is available either as an ebook or a paperback that I'll go along with that. Leave suggestions in the comments.

The plan for reading these books would be to write a blog post for each chapter (or couple if they're very short) and then do a little summary, as opposed to a full review, at the end. I'm planning on finishing up my Day Zero Project posts very soon so these would be posted about two or three times a week. It'd be cool if other people wanted to join in the read along for discussions in the comments.

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