Sunday, 6 April 2014

Weekly Rundown

We’re at the end of our first week of the A to Z Challenge and so far so good. I’ve managed to read a few blogs and I’m hoping to read a lot more today. Reading on my phone is a bit awkward and Safari can be a bit awkward for posting comments (if you click outside the comment box at any time you then can’t see anything that you type and have to refresh the page and start over), so I’ve been limiting myself to reading blogs when I’m at my in-laws’ house with a proper internet connection. It means I don’t get to read them every day, but at least I’m able to comment on them.

My own posts are going quite well as well. As of Friday I had scheduled posts as far as J and I’ve been working on another batch this weekend as well. I’m aiming to stay at least one week ahead of myself so that if there are any little hiccups I’m well covered. Perhaps more impressive is the fact that I’m also managing to stay on top of my regular posts as well. I’ve not been this organised for weeks!

Aside from being ridiculously organised with my blog posts I’ve also been ridiculously organised with my OU work as well. I didn’t mention it in my Weekly Rundown last week because I actually wrote the post early Saturday afternoon and I didn’t get the email until Saturday evening, but I got 81% in TMA05!

I was a little bit nervous opening the email and loading the page. It came just as I was walking Tara round the garden and I stayed out a little bit longer than necessary while I waited to find out what I got. I’d found it such a difficult essay to get started on and was convinced that I’d made everything up so when the page finally loaded and I saw my score I just thought ‘No way!’ Reading through the tutor’s notes it became clear that I was pretty close to the mark with my analysis so that set me up for a good week.

This week I’ve pushed on with getting both the penultimate and final chapters of the Study Guide completed as well as starting to think about TMA06. It’s not due until the 17th of April but I’m determined to get both it and the EMA done as soon as possible while I’ve still got the momentum pushing me on. It’s exciting to think how close to the finish line I am.

As for TV and reading materials, well, I’m still working through all the same things as last week. We’re getting through The Two Ronnies at a rate of knots; just this weekend we’ve started the fourth series. And Criminal Minds is progressing too, we had more nights to watch it this week and we’ve managed two episodes every time. They’ve been such very good episodes as well. I actually had a little sneaky look for fan fiction Friday night, that’s usually a good sign a show has got me hooked because I want to read what other people think of the characters. It’s a little tricky to find stories that don’t give anything away though, but that’s just an incentive to watch more episodes!

And I’m still on The Lord of the Rings. I was getting through it very quickly until last Sunday when I sort of stopped reading in bed at night. I’m hoping now I’m going to have a little bit more time what with not needing to sit down with my Study Guide each evening I should be able to plough on through it a little bit quicker now.

Anyway, I’d better wrap this up here. I’ve got more A to Z Blogs to read, not to mention a shed load of videos to locate on YouTube!

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