Saturday, 19 April 2014

#atozchallenge: Q is For...

Would you believe that this was one of the only letters that I actually struggled to fill? Pretty much every letter had one song that came to me instantly, but this one took a little bit more thinking about.

Quinn the Eskimo – Manfred Mann

Now technically this is known as The Mighty Quinn, but I've always known it as Quinn the Eskimo so that's why I'm including it as my Q letter!
When I was much younger we had this old car, inherited from my Great Uncle. It was about as old as I was and didn’t even have a tape player in it; it had a radio which used to cut out whenever we passed under a bridge, which made travelling up the motorway fun. One of the radio stations we used to listen to only seemed to have one CD which they just constantly played on repeat. It was a bizarre mix including Meredith Brooks’s Bitch and a couple of Supertramp songs, and Quinn the Eskimo by Manfred Mann. I always quite liked the latter. Then a few years ago they were the support act when we went to see Status Quo, and now we’ve got one of their CDs in the car. It’s like I’ve come full circle… except the radio in our car isn’t very good even when we’re not driving under the bridge, so we have to make do with the CDs.
Queenie - Status Quo

And now for a song that officially starts with Q.
As I've mentioned numerous times, I was raised on Status Quo... I used to dance around the coffee table to Burning Bridges. So this was my first thought when I was looking for a song beginning with Q. It reminds me of seeing them live and being way down the front with all the crush of bodies, jumping up and down and dancing. For full effect, turn the volume WAY up.


  1. I enjoyed The Manfred Mann video, a fun song I too think of it at Quinn
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