Monday, 7 April 2014

#atozchallenge: F is For...

Father & Son – Cat Stevens

When I was in Fifth Year (so we’re going back a few years here) I took Business Management. There were five girls in the class, three sixth years and two fifth years. Because a lot of the work involved doing stuff on the computer and working through sheets for various business-related activities out teacher often let us put music on to listen to as we worked. We came to an agreement that we would listen to one of our CDs as long as we also listened to one of his before or afterwards. It was a pretty good arrangement because he loved Cat Stevens and we all quite enjoyed his musical choices, though we tried not to let on too much. Father and Son was always my personal favourite.

Fearless – Taylor Swift

The other week I was making up some new CDs for the car and I decided that rather than having four Taylor Swift CDs I would just make one CD of all my favourites. Unfortunately this didn’t really work out so well because if I just selected my absolute favourites I would’ve had about a CD and a half’s worth. In the end I did some pretty heavy editing to get it down to just one CD but it meant cutting quite a few favourites so I’m probably going to have to go back and make another one at some point.

Fearless was one of the ones that did make the cut. I found Taylor Swift on iTunes when she appeared in an episode of CSI. We bought her first two CDs for when we went on holiday and they will always remind me of driving round North Yorkshire in scorching hot weather with the windows down or the air conditioning on. This is a song about being in love for anyone who's ever been so happy they want to dance in the rain.

Flaming Red Hair – The Fellowship of the Ring Soundtrack

This is a little bit of music that plays in the background of Bilbo’s birthday party in The Fellowship of the Ring film. It’s very jolly, just like the hobbits dancing to it. There’s also something very Celtic about it. I can’t say why but it just makes me smile; it might have something to do with the visual image of Frodo doing the chicken dance to it.
Filton First Aid Fellowship - Fred Wedlock

Fred Wedlock is a West Country singer who writes hilarious songs. My first exposure to him was at the age of about ten when we found one of his records in a charity shop. It probably wouldn't be classed as particularly appropriate for someone of that age, but I thought it was hilarious. As someone who was in St John's Ambulance and is now a member of the Red Cross I quite appreciate this song; though I should state we've never staged our own accidents to be first on the scene!


  1. Really enjoying your song selections Cait, and the little personal reasoning/memories behind them :)

    1. Glad you're enjoying the posts, Mark. Just realised what a mix of music I've got here; Cat Stevens to Fred Wedlock!


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